Single page view, Continuous page view & Magazine layout in Proof Viewer

    Summary: Every reviewer is able to decide how multi-page proofs are displayed inside the Proof Viewer.

    Where is the feature setup?

    The new version of the viewer has expanded the capability of all layout types. Right now your reviewers can display multi-page proofs using 3 different types of layouts: single, continuous, and magazine.

    How does it work?

    Single page view

       Switching between pages on a single page view is done by clicking the arrows to go to the next page or previous page.

    Continuous page view

        When a continuous page view is selected, you can scroll through the pages using your mouse wheel. This layout          displays pages one after the other with a small gap between each page.


    Magazine layout (Business Edition and Above)

           Magazine Layout lets you view the proof as it would appear in real life. The first page is centered and the                       following pages are displayed one next to another. This is useful when reviewing proofs for magazines,                                  brochures and books. 

    Additional information:

    • If a user utilizes the navigation buttons or enters the page number, the Proof Viewer simulates scrolling up/down to that page.
    • In compare mode, scrolling between pages is synchronized when using continuous page layout.

    Supporting material: