How To - Invite users into Ziflow

    Summary: Ziflow believes your time is better spent concentrating on your marketing tasks rather than dealing with any complex administration when adding users into your online proofing and automation tools. Ziflow has made this process very simple.

    Where is the feature applied? If you are Team Admin user inside Ziflow then you have the ability to “Invite” users from within the People tab as shown below.

    How does it work?

    People can be invited to Ziflow shall be divided into two groups:

    1. Users - Ziflow users benefit from all Ziflow functions. Users are able to submit decisions, create proofs, flows etc. Users might become application admins or billing admins and use all the rights those functions have. They also have their own logins/passwords, but at the same time, each created user takes one place from the total amount of users.
    2. Guests-  are people, who don’t have their own Ziflow accounts. They still can take part in decision making, commenting and working on proofs to which they were invited by the users. However, this group cannot create their own proofs or flows.  Guests do not have to login to the application (they login through the invitations sent via email) but they also don’t occupy user seats available at Ziflow account.

    Inviting Users & Guests to the Ziflow

    When the Team Admin clicks on the “Add contact” button, two options will be presented:

    1. Add user
    2. Add contact

    Depending on what type of contact you want to add to Ziflow those invitation forms will be presented:


    Fill in the required fields:

    1. Email
    2. First name
    3. Last name
    4. Role (or Company name in case you are inviting simple guest)

    If you want to invite additional users simply click the “+ Add another user/guest” button.
    Please ensure you apply the correct user role to your users.

    To understand the User Roles please refer to:            
                                                                How To - Understand Ziflow user roles and rights

    Once you have entered the required details click on the “Invite” button and the user/s will receive an email notification like the one shown below:

    From this point, the rest of the registration process is completed by the invited user/s.


    Clicking “Verify email address” will open the registration form which will require the following information: (Ziflow will automatically populate the fields based on what the User Admin setup but you can amend any details apart from the email address)

    1. Email address (This is the only field that cannot be modified by user)
    2. First name
    3. Last name
    4. Password
    5. Phone number (not required)

    At this moment user needs to fill in sign in the form available above and click “Update and Sign in” button. Right after this action user is going to be automatically logged in to the Ziflow and he/she can start to work.

    Additional Information:

    • Once your team members are signed up they can begin to use the Ziflow application including Online Proofing and Flows to automate tasks.  

    Supporting material: