How To - Create and manage groups

    Summary: As the number of contacts in your Ziflow increases, proof owners might need a tool that allows to group together some of the contacts. Thanks to using groups, proofs can be created in faster and more organized manner.  Instead of adding users one by, Ziflow user may create a group that contains needed reviewers with already assigned proofing roles. Later on, those assembled groups can be used in other proofing projects.

    Available for: Any Ziflow user can create and use groups.

    How does it work?

    Group menu can be found inside People” tab on the left side of the screen below Contacts filters.

    Adding a new group

    In order to create a new Ziflow group, you need to click on the green “Add group” button at the top right corner of the “Group” screen and then enter some basic information about the group:

    1. Group name - enter group name
    2. Make this group private - by ticking this option you will make the group visible only to you and Ziflow team admins. In case you don’t use this setting group, members will have the group added to their list of “Groups I belong to”.
    3. Group members - type in the name, email address of the contact you want to add to the group. It can be Ziflow user or guest. In case you want to add new guest that is not present in Ziflow yet just enter his/her email address and press “+” button. Once you are done with choosing contacts to the group member list select appropriate rights and notifications settings and finish with pressing “Add group button”. 

    Managing groups  

    Once you start creating your own groups, you might need to manage them or edit group members at some point. By entering a contextual menu that is available on the right side of each group you will find a couple of options to manage the chosen group.

    1. Show details - displays group details in which group members and settings can be edited. Group details can be viewed by any Ziflow user (except groups that are marked as private) but only proof owner and users with admin rights can edit group members and settings. 
    2. Duplicate group - clones selected group with all group members and settings. Available for any Ziflow user
    3. Delete group - option that can be applied only by group owner, or Ziflow users with admin rights

    Additional Information:

    • Groups functionality is available only on every Ziflow edition

    Supporting material: