How To - Manage Ziflow users

    Summary: Team Admins in Ziflow have the ability to manage the user & guest accounts. In this document, we aim to provide the Team Admins with information about some of the tools available to them.

    Where is the feature applied? Team Admins have access to the tools highlighted in this document as part of the Team Admin role permissions. No setup is necessary other than being granted the Team Admin role.

    How does it work?

    Click on the “People” tab as shown below and a current list of your Ziflow contacts will be displayed. The team admin is able to invite new contacts in-to the Ziflow application by hitting the invite “Add contact” button.
    For more detail on inviting users please refer to the document:  How To - Invite users in-to Ziflow

    Once you have invited a user you can check to see if the invitation is still pending (See number 2 on screenshot above)

    If the status is set to “Invited” it means the user has not yet actioned your email invitation. If you click on “Resend invite” Ziflow will send another invite. (It may also be worth contacting the user to ensure the invitation is not going to spam or being filtered).

    Once you click on “Resend invite” a green confirmation message will appear once it has been successfully sent (See number 3 in screenshot above)

    Changing user rights

    If you are a Team Admin or an Account Owner you have the ability to change user role permissions that are assigned to the members of your team. Click on the “View details” button under team member you want to modify and a tick box of the roles will be shown. Simply select the desired roles to apply them to the user. (See below)


    Deleting a user from your team or making them inactive

    If you decided to delete one of your team members just click contextual menu near the user and chose “Delete contact” button. Ziflow will confirm if you are sure to remove contact before it is permanently removed.

    Alternatively, you can simply disable a user without deleting them by clicking on the green “Active” button. This will keep the user in your database but it will disable access until you reinstate them.

    View user details

    The Team Admin can also view the user’s details simply by clicking on the “View details” button at the profile contextual menu as shown below.

    From here you can see more detailed information about the user and few options for management purposes:

    1. User role - currently assigned roles for the particular user. Also, the place where those roles can be added or removed from contact account
    2. Company - company name entered during invitation process or by the user during signup
    3. Phone number - can be edited by user or team admin
    4. Groups - lists all the groups to which user belongs to.
    5. Proofs - proofing statistics of the user 
    6. Remove user from all groups - removes user from all the groups that he/she belongs to
    7. Add user to groups - opens a menu that allows adding a user to created groups. Read more about groups in: How to use and create groups
    8. Activate/deactivate - disables user account
    9. Delete contact - permanently removes user from the Ziflow account

    Supporting Material: