How To - View and edit your Ziflow profile

    Summary: All users in Ziflow can view and edit their own profiles making it easy to amend any personal information such as your name, profile picture, phone number etc.

    Available for:  Every user registered in Ziflow.

    Where is the feature applied? Profile settings are accessed from the “View Profile” button under your username as shown below.

    How does it work?

    Once you are inside the “View profile” window the user profile information is displayed. The information is listed below in reference to the screenshot above:

    1. Profile picture
    2. Username
    3. E-mail address - cannot be edited
    4. User roles - these are set by the Team Admins or account owner
    5. Company name - cannot be edited
    6. Phone number
    7. Time zone - this setting is automatically taken from your browser settings but it can be also adjusted manually if needed
    8. Groups menu - lists all groups where the user is added to. A user can also use remove button to delete the account from all the groups or click add button in order to add the account to the previously created group
    9. Proof statistics menu - displays proof statistics of the user. 
    10. API key - allows generating an API key that can be later used for accessing Ziflow API 

    Editing profile

    To amend any details simply hover over the field until the pencil icon appears.

    Once you are done click on the green tick and the changes will be applied as shown below.

    Additional Information:

    • Changing your email address is not possible as it is linked to your account setup. If you need to change your email address then please contact your Team Admin who can delete your existing account and send a new invitation using your new email address.
    • The only person who can modify user roles is the Team Admin. Please contact your Team Admin and request a change of rights if required.

    Supporting material: