Progress Indicators For Reviewers (SOCD)

    Summary: Keeping track of which reviewers have responded and which haven't can be a big challenge. Ziflow makes it easy by using unique progress indicators that provide a visual way of seeing where each reviewer is at in the proofing process.

    Available for: users on all Ziflow editions. 

    Where is the feature setup? SOCD progress indicators can be found in the Proof Details and in the email notifications.

    How does it work?

    Once the Proof Details page is open, it will display the progress indicators that correlate with each reviewer. 

    This layout allows proof managers to quickly scan the progress of each reviewer. Each letter/indicator from left to right has the following meanings:

    1. Sent - email has been sent to the reviewer notifying them that they have a new proof to review
    2. Opened - proof invitation email has been opened  
    3. Comment - reviewer commented on a proof
    4. Decision - reviewer submitted a decision or finished review on the proof.

    You can also check the proof and stage status by looking at the progress indicators that are located above the reviewers. See screenshot below.

    The dashboard Proof List also displays the proof's progress status: