Proof Security Settings

    Summary: The Proof Security Settings allow customers to securely share proofs, not only with users, but with guest reviewers as well. This functionality ensures that only designated reviewers can access proofs. After selecting reviewers, determine whether or not they need to authenticate in order to access the proof. 

    Where is the feature setup?  Proof security settings can be found in the "Manage account" section, under "General"


    There are 3 security settings to choose from if you are on the Starter or Business edition, and 4 settings if you're on the Enterprise edition. These settings are managed by Ziflow admins. The admins can choose a default and decide whether or not they want proof creators to have access to change this setting. If no default is set by the admin, proof creators may decide which setting should be applied. 

    1. Users & Guests (Authentication not required) - users and guests may access proofs but they don't need to authenticate
    2. Users & Guests (Authentication required) - Enterprise edition - users and guests may access proofs but they need to authenticate before opening the proof
    3. Users only (Authentication not required) - only users can access proofs but authentication is not required
    4. Users (Authentication required) - only users may access proofs but they must provide their password before accessing the proof

    Additionally, Ziflow admins can set how often a guest needs to authenticate on each device. This setting is located in the same place as proof security settings.

    How does guest authentication work?

    When a guest reviewer tries to access a proof that requires authentication, a verification request will be shown.

    The guest will receive an email containing a verification code. Once that code is successfully confirmed, he/she will be able to access the proof.

    Additional information:

    • The verification code expires after 15 minutes but guests can request a new token be emailed.
    • After a guest is authenticated, his/her session will remain for the period of time that was set by the admin (once every 1 hour, once every 24 hours, once every 7 days).
    • Please note: the amount of guest authentications in your Ziflow account is limited. Each user license has 25 guest authentications per month. Please check our pricing page for more details.