Proof Viewer settings in Proof Viewer 2

    Summary: Each reviewer is able to adjust the Proof Viewer settings, such as comment layout, comment pins, compare mode defaults and dark mode theme to their individual preferences.

    Available for: Any reviewer that is part of the review and approval process. This feature is available on all Ziflow editions.

    Where is the feature setup? The Proof Viewer settings can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon located in the left sidebar of the Proof Viewer.

    How does it work?

    Once you enter a Proof Viewer settings menu you will be presented with 4 types of settings:

    1. Show pins - by enabling/disabling this option you can choose if comment pins should be visible on the proof image.
    2. Show avatars -  select if you want to see reviewer avatars near added comments.
    3. Comment layout - there are 3 options to choose from:
      1. Compact - displays a full comment list, but you'll need to click on each comment in order to see the replies.
      2. Expanded - displays a full comment list so you don't have to click on each comment to see the full text.

    4. Compare mode default settings - you can choose which side the newest version appears when doing a side by side comparison.
    5. Language - allows you to select your default language for the Proof Viewer
    6. Dark mode - switch between light and dark mode

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