Rename a file Zibot Settings

    Summary: The Rename Zibot can be used in a single flow or as part of a multi-step flow. The Rename Zibot is configurable, meaning you could apply different rename settings across your different flows. This document outlines the configurable options you can apply to your Rename Zibot.

    Where is the feature setup? The Rename Zibot can be applied inside the Zibot step when creating or amending a Flow (See below).

    How does it work?

    When you select the Rename Zibot as part of your flow, you will see the following window.
    The configurable options inside the Rename Zibot are listed below:

    1. Source file: Ziflow is asking what the input file will be ie. the file you want to be renamed. You have two options.
      File that triggered this flow - this means a file or folder that is moved/changed or created in a certain location is the source file.
      File that is the result of the previous action - this option will become available if you have set up a multi-stage flow. It is basically asking if the input file will be coming from a previous action in the flow.
    2. If file the already exists: You are being asked what you want the Rename Zibot to do if a file with the same name already exists in the destination folder. You can either overwrite the existing file or you can keep all files, if you select to keep all files then the Zibot will add a sequence number at the end of the NEW files name.
    3. Search and replace: The search and replace drop-down menu has 3 different settings:  
      • Replace text - This essentially means you are asking Ziflow to search the filename of the input file and strip out the text that you specify. With this - This is where you enter the text that you want to be added to the filename (In the screenshot example above we are asking for any filename that contains the word “image” to be replaced with the word “Product”).
      • Remove text - This option allows you to remove text without replacing it (in the screenshot example above we are asking for any .eps extensions to be stripped out of the filename.
      • Remove diacritical marks - This option allows you to automatically strip out any diacritical marks from the filename.
    4. Add to filename: This option allows you to change a filename by adding text before and after the existing filename. In the example screenshot below you will see that we added the word “Product” to the beginning of the filename and the word .gif at the end of the filename. You also have the ability to add Tokens to the filename so that Ziflow will add information specific to the file when it is processed. Eg. the current date and time or the username. 
    5. Preview: The preview shows how your file naming will preview and it updates in real-time as you change the settings.

    Additional Information:

    • The Rename Zibot cannot be the first Zibot in a flow if your trigger event is “new folder is created in a folder”

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