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    Selecting an Email Sender

    Summary:  This setting allows you to choose the sender of email notifications when sharing new proof or starting a new stage. This helps reviewers know whom they should contact when they have any questions or problems regarding the proof.

    Available for: Administrators on all Ziflow editions. 

    Where is the feature setup? Go to Manage account > Proofing Settings > Emails

    How does it work?

    Once you are in the “Emails” settings you will notice two sections:

    1. The sender of an email when sharing a proof
    2. The sender of an email when starting a stage

    Both of these fields allow to pick 3 different options:

    • Proof Owner
    • User or guest sharing a proof / starting a stage
    • System - “Ziflow” or the “Email from” setting in Domain Mapping

    Once the setting is enabled, notifications will be sent according to your preferences.