Send an Email Zibot settings

    Summary: The Email Zibot can be used in a single flow or as part of a multi-step flow. The Email Zibot is configurable, meaning you could send different emails with different content across your different flows. This document outlines the configurable options you can apply to your Email Zibot.

    Where is the feature setup? The Email Zibot can be applied inside the Zibot step when creating or amending a Flow (See below).

    How does it work?

    When you select the Email Zibot as part of your flow, you will see the following window.
    The configurable options inside the Email Zibot are listed below:

    1. Source file: Ziflow is asking what the input file will be ie. the file or folder that will trigger of the email being sent. You have two options.
      File that triggered this flow - this means a file that is moved/changed or created in a certain location is the source file.
      File that is the result of the previous action - this option will become available if you have set up a multi-stage flow. It is basically asking if the input file will be coming from a previous action in the flow.
    2. Email address: Recipients email address (or add multiple addresses). When you type in this area Ziflow will also display any Ziflow users in real time.
    3. Custom message: If you want to customize the message that the recipient receives you are able to do so by ticking this option. If you tick this option you will see the following:

    1. Email subject
    2. Email message field
    3. List of email variables - simply click on any of the variables you want to add into your custom email subject or message. Eg. you may want to put the filename variable in the subject so that Ziflow pulls out the filename when it sends an email notification.

    Supporting material