Setting up Decision Reasons

    Summary:  Often times proof managers require additional feedback on why a reviewer made a decision or might require reviewers to sign-off on a checklist for marketing compliance reasons at the end of the review. For this purpose, you can set up customized decision checklists or reasons that can be displayed when reviewers make a decision on a proof. These can then be viewed in the dashboard or be exported to a PDF along with the comments.

    Available for: Administrators on Business & Enterprise editions.

    Where is the feature setup? Go to Manage account > Proofing Settings > Decisions

    How does it work?

    Once you are inside the “Decision Settings” screen, you can add the decision checklist by clicking on the “+ Add reason” button and entering a new one. Once a new reason is added to the list, click on it and give it a name. If you also want to give your reviewers the possibility to add comments to the reason, please check the “Show text box” field and click the “Save” button.

    Admins can also decide if reviewers should be able to choose multiple options from the decision checklist or require at least one selection. 

    In the next step, select types of decisions in which decision reasons should be displayed. You can do this by marking the “Show checklist” field near decision names.

    Once decision reasons are set and enabled, your reviewer will be able to add them during the proof review.

    For more information about submitting decisions with reasons, please see Finishing a Review & Understanding Proof Decisions.