Single page view vs Continuous page view

Summary: Each revier can decide how proofs with multiple pages are displayed inside a Proof Viewer.

Available for: Any reviewer invited to the proof can switch between those two options.

Where is the feature setup?  Single and Continuous page view buttons are located at the tool bar near the “Page thumbnails” button inside a Proof Viewer.

How does it work?

  1. Single page view
 This is default page view for each person who opens any proof. Switching between pages in a proof is done by clicking on next page or previous page.
  1. Continuous page view

 When continuous page view is selected you can scroll through the pages using your mouse wheel button. This layout displays pages one after the other with a small gap between each page.

 Additional information:

  • If a user pages using navigation buttons or enters the page number, the Proof Viewer simulates scrolling down/up to that page.
  • In compare mode scrolling between pages is synchronized when using continuous page layout.

Supporting material: