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    Terms and Conditions agreement

    Summary: We now offer a notice agreement pop-up that can be modified for your usage. Administrators can configure this pop-up to include required legal information, add external links, and require reviewers to accept the terms of usage before using Ziflow.  

    Available: Enterprise edition only.

    Where is the feature setup?  

    The T&C agreement feature is located under Settings > General

    How does it work?

    Once you enter the General settings menu inside your account main settings you will find T&C agreement. By default, this feature is disabled, in order to enable it simply toggle the “Require notice agreement” option.

    Under the “Require notice agreement” toggle there is a text editor where you can enter the text of your T&C. There are also a couple of options that might be helpful when it comes to changing T&C content (eg. you can save T&C drafts or display how saved notice agreement will look like).

    Once your T&C agreement notice is enabled and published all users and guests will need to accept it after they open Ziflow.

    Additional information:

    • each time you change T&C agreement text, reviewers will be asked again to agree to the notice
    • T&C agreement is displayed both in Ziflow dashboard and Proof Viewer