Uploading a New Proof Version

    Summary: When reviewers request changes to a proof, the proof creator will make revisions and upload a new version. 

    Available for: Proof owners and users with “Manage” permissions are able to upload new versions.


    Where to start?

    There are three different ways to create a new version:

    1. From the proof details page, click on the “+” button.
    2. From within the Proof Viewer, click on the “+” button and select “Create new version”

    3. By dragging a new file version on a proof thumbnail. This will automatically start a new version using the previous version settings

    When you select “Create new version” you will be taken back to the create proof screen.

    You should start with browsing or uploading by drag and drop your new version or entering the URL.


    Edit Workflow (Optional)

    When you upload a new version you have the ability to amend any existing stage settings and edit a reviewers list:

    You can also edit entire proof settings at the bottom of the page including the minor version setting, proof security and many others:

    Proof Owner Setting - This is where the proof creator may transfer ownership to another user. 

    Proof SecurityThe Proof Security Setting allows customers to securely share proofs, not only with users, but with guest reviewers as well. This functionality ensures that only designated reviewers can access proofs. After selecting reviewers, determine whether or not they need to authenticate in order to access the proof. 

    There are 3 security settings to choose from if you are on a Starter or Business edition and 4 settings if you're on Enterprise.

    1. Users & Guests (Authentication not required)
    2. Users & Guests (Authentication required) - Enterprise edition
    3. Users only (Authentication not required)
    4. Users (Authentication required)

    When authentication is required, Ziflow will generate a unique token and email it to the reviewer. 

    Please see our Proof Security Settings article for more information.

    Minor version - In many cases, creative assets need to be reviewed internally before being shared with external team members or clients. Most online proofing applications will label versions using the standard pattern v1, v2, v3 and so on. Depending on your workflow, this may not be ideal because by the time a proof is shared externally, you could be sharing what is now known as v3, which could potentially cause some confusion and raise questions about what happened to v1 and v2. Enable this setting to make the proof a minor version (eg. v0.1, v0.2, v0.3 etc.).

    Lock the proof when all decisions are made - If needed, proofs or stages can be locked once a decision has been made, preventing any further actions to be taken on a proof, such as comments or decisions. The only people able to unlock it are proof owners and managers. They also have the ability to manually lock the proof at any point. More detailed info can be found in the Manually lock & unlock proofs article. 

    Allow download of the original file - if this feature is on, reviewers are able to download a copy of the file/s they are reviewing. A download icon will appear inside the proof viewer, as well as the proof summary page.


    Finish creating a New Proof Version

    Once you are done with uploading a new proof version file and you edited all needed settings, click on the “Create” button. Once uploaded, the reviewers will be notified that a new version is ready for review.

    *Note - when you upload a new version the previous version will automatically lock.

    Additional information:

    • If a user is logged into a proof when a new version is created the user will see a pop-up message as shown below informing them that the current version of the proof is now locked and a new version has been created.

    Supporting material: