Using and sharing Proof Folders

    Summary: The proof list, depending on the account, may contain hundreds or even thousands of proofs. That’s why it’s very important to have an organizational system in place to quickly locate proofs/files. Creating a folder hierarchy is a highly effective way to stay organized. Folders can be shared among other Ziflow users so it is easier to collaborate when working on some proofing projects.

    Available for: Business and Enterprise editions

    How does it work?

    The folder feature is located in the menu to the left of the proof list. If you click on “Folders” it will display a list of all the folders that have been created.

    Once you open a folder in the right upper corner you'll be presented with five options:

    • Open folder
    • Edit folder
    • Clone folder
    • Archive folder
    • Delete folder

    How to create a folder?

    The folder creation button is located in the upper right corner near the “Create Proof” button.

    1. Choose the folder name
    2. Choose the folder location: 
      • A user can set-up a top level folder, in which case it would be displayed right after entering "Folders".
      • A folder can also be nested under a top level folder, making this a sub-folder.
    3. Sharing settings:
      • Allow to create proof in the folder - decide if users with folder access should have rights to create new proofs within a folder.
      • Allow to view and manage all proofs - decide if users with folder access should have manage rights.
      • Make this folder private. - If the box is left blank, all Ziflow users will be able to view and create proofs in that folder. If the box is checked, the folder creator, administrators are the only ones who are able to see the folder.
    4. Share with: use this field to invite users to the folder. You can also decide if users should get a notification with the folder invitation.
    5. Who has access: displays all the people who have access to the folder. Each user invited to the folder can be granted with specific folder permissions. You can also delete users from the list using the trash icon near the listed profile.

    Moving proofs to folders

    The proof creator may insert the proof into a folder during proof configuration by clicking on the folder button and choosing the location. 

    If a proof wasn't placed in a folder during the creation process, it can be still moved by the proof owner or manager by using a bulk actions menu and selecting the proof location.

    Additional Information:

    • If a user decides to delete a folder, Ziflow will ask what should be done with sub-folders/proofs inside of it.
    • Shared folders have a special icon near the name so it is easier to see that the folder has been shared. Once you click the icon it will expand a list with the users that the folder is shared with. You can also open "Sharing settings" and view/edit folder details.

    Supporting material: