Using the Proof List

    Summary: The “Proof List” is your main navigation window inside the Ziflow application. Any proofs that you are associated with are displayed in this window. You can create new proofs, check status of existing proofs, use filters and utilize contextual menus to access various features inside the proofing application.

    Available for: all registered users within the Ziflow application can access their proof list. 

    How does it work?

    See screenshot below along with a description of each function.

    1. Proof Menu & Favorite filters:
      Active proofs 
      My proofs 
      Proofs to review 
      Completed proofs 
    2. Folders give you an opportunity to create an individual structure that will help organize your proofs in a more advanced manner. Read more about folder functionality in this article
    3. Hide/Show archived folders - this setting allows you to display/hide folders that have been archived.
    4. Custom filters - enables you to create and save your own custom filter sets which will help to quickly identify the proofs you're searching for. Read more about custom filters in this article
    5. Filter proofs by account - click to see proofs from all accounts you have access to or only from the one that you are currently logged in.
    6. Custom views - are another way for you to locate and organize proofs. Read more about custom views in this article using custom views.
    7. Proof search - filters by proof name in addition to the existing filter.
    8. Proof counter - shows how many proofs are currently displaying on each page along with the total number of pages.
    9. Global Search - The Global Search feature lets you search for proofs from any page within your Ziflow account. You can enter a word or a phrase and Ziflow will search through all the fields, reviewers, custom properties, etc. of the latest versions of a proof and display those results. 
    10. Quick add - depending on the user permissions allows to add vaiours objects such as: proofs, folders, workflow templates, intake forms, flows, users, contacts or lite users.
    11. Progress: shows the progress made on a proof. Each letter (SOCD) marked with a green color lets you know that the proof has been sent, opened, commented and a decision was submitted by reviewers. 
    12. Status - shows the current status of a proof - explanation of each status is listed below:

       In progress - The proof is available for review.

       Approved - The proof has been approved.

       Approved with changes - The proof has been approved upon minor changes being applied.

      Changes required - The proof has been reviewed and changes are required. 

    13. Decisions - shows how many decision-makers there are and how many of those reviewers have made a decision.
    14. Created - shows the date when the proof was created. 
    15. Proof Owner - hover over the avatar and it will display the name and email address of the proof owner.
    16. Create new folder/proof - click the folder icon to create a new folder. Click on the green "Create proof" button to create a new proof. For more information, please refer to: Creating a new Proof or Using Proof Folders
    17. Expanded proof list view - by choosing this option you will expand all proofs details on your screen. You will be able to see the progress of each stage and each reviewer from the list view. Without any additional actions just by scrolling, you can identify where you need to take action to get your work on time.
    18. Proof thumbnail - displays a thumbnail preview of your proof.
    19. Proof Name, Version and folder - displays the proof name, the folder location and how many versions there has been on a proof. 
    20. Bulk actions - you can select multiple checkboxes to perform bulk actions on proofs such as moving to a folder, archiving, sharing a proof, editing custom properties, changing proof owner etc.
    21. Proof Details button - reveals a detailed summary of the proof along with progression indicators. For more information, please see Understanding the Proof Details page. 

    Additional Information:

    • Please note that the Proof List page may not display all the options listed in this document. It will vary depending on what edition you are on, as well as the proof settings that you have applied. 

    Supporting Material: