Using the Ziflow Proof Viewer

    Summary: Understanding the tools and functionality within the Proof Viewer will allow you to easily navigate the review and approval process. This document is a great starting point for any new users to Ziflow.

    Available for: Any user of the Ziflow proofing application. Users may or may not see certain buttons depending on the proof permissions they have been granted.

     How does it work?
















    Proof Viewer menu



    Click to display Proof Viewer menu. From the layout, you can follow various actions such us:








    Proof version selector

    From this dropdown, you can switch between available proof versions. Please note that you need to be invited to the specific proof version in order to see it.


    Users with appropriate rights are also allowed to create new proof versions from this place.









    Compare mode


    Click to enter comparison mode.

    See “Comparing Proof Versions in Proof Viewer” for more details.


    User Avatar

    Hover over to see username and email address.
















    Page thumbnails








    Click to reveal or hide the page thumbnails (only displays on proofs that have more than one page or multiple files in a proof).






    Single, Continous & Magazine layout

    Lets switching between different document layouts.


    Read more about this feature here: Continuous page view & Magazine layout










    Text Search

    When a spelling mistake is made, it’s possible to occur in multiple places on a proof. With the “Text Search” feature, reviewers will be able to look for the same words or sentences throughout the whole text.


    See "Find text in Proof Viewer"







    Page Navigator


    Scroll through the pages by clicking on next page or previous page.





    Marquee zoom

    Click to enter marquee zoom mode. Then please click and hold a left mouse button over the proof. Select which part of the proof you want to zoom in. Once you let the mouse button, selected part of the proof will be zoomed in.




    Increase / Decrease zoom level buttons and zoom level dropdown menu.

    You can zoom in/out using + and - buttons.


    On the right hand side there is a popup menu that allows you to pick a zoom level from a predetermined list of options.



    Commenting mode

    Once this mode is activated, then a reviewer can start adding a markup along with comments.









    Panning mode

    Panning mode allows you to click and drag the proof around the proof window. When panning mode is activated, the hand turns blue. If it is deactivated, it will be white. If you select the measurement tool or any of the markup tools, then panning mode will automatically be deactivated.



    Click to rotate the proof image by 90 degrees. 


    Measurement Tool

    Click the measurement tool to reveal the measurement pallet

    See “Measurement Tool in Proof Viewer” for more details.



    Complete review / Make decision

    Reviewers with the comment only rights will see a “Complete review” button. Reviewers with decision permissions will see a “Make decision” button - click to select your decision.


    See “Finishing a Review & Understanding Proof Decisions in Proof Viewer v2” for more details.




    Add comment


    Click to open the comment box where you can type your observations. You may also link your comments with annotations on the proof image.


    See "Markup, comment, label, resolve & attach files in Proof Viewer"


    View comments

    This button will display all comments attached to the proof.



    Additional Information:

    • If you hold the CTRL or Apple key down the mouse scroll wheel will zoom in and out