New Proof Triggers & Webhook Zibot

    Summary: Having the ability to keep your projects in sync as proofs progress through the review and approval workflow, or being able to create proofing tasks for reviewers in your PM tool is a valuable component that Ziflow offers. 

    Available for: Administrators on Business & Enterprise editions.

    First, Ziflow has introduced two new triggers:

    • Newproof/version: triggers when a new proof is ready for review.
    • Decision: triggers when a decision is made by a reviewer or when the decision is updated on the stage and/or proof.


    Where is the feature setup?  

    Click on the “Zibots” tab in the upper left corner of the screen, then click on the “+Create flow” button. Instead of connecting to a cloud storage, select the “Ziflow” application.


    How does it work?

    The first step is selecting the event that will trigger your zibot: “New proof/version” or “Decision made”.


    Next, you will be presented with the event details page, which will vary depending on which event you select.

    1. Triggered by - select the type of request that will trigger the Zibot.
    2. Created in - select the Ziflow folder that will be monitored by this flow.
    3. Created by - select the user that will be responsible for this flow activation.


    1. Triggered by decision made - select what level decision needs to be made in order to activate the flow.
    2. Type of decision - choose the type of the decision that needs to be made in order to activate the flow.
    3. Created in - select the Ziflow folder that is going to be monitored by this flow.


    Next, choose a Webhook Zibot:

    Set up Webhook Zibot details:

    1. Create - select the type of request.
    2. URL (required) - enter the application URL where you will be sending the data.
    3. Query String Parameters - add which parameters you want to send.
    4. Headers - enter the header values for each request.


    Once you hit the “Next” button, Ziflow will confirm if the flow looks good. If there are no problems, name the flow and turn it on.

    Additional information: