The most complete creative review and approval platform for creative teams





    See how Ziflow supports creative collaboration for clear feedback, workflow for fast approval, integration with your favorite apps and tools, and does this for all your creative assets in one platform. 




    Review all your creative assets in one platform


    Emailing PDFs, uploading video files to Dropbox, sending links for a digital ads. If you are fed up of having to use different ways to get feedback on different types of creative, then Ziflow solves your problem. We support over 1,200 types of creative assets so your team can review everything you create on one powerful platform.

                                 (Supported file formats)


    Crystal clear feedback on all your creative


    Give your colleagues and clients the tools they need to give you clear feedback. Robust markup tools for drawing, text annotation, measurement, attachments, and so much more.

       (Markups, Comments & Attaching files in Proof Viewer)




    Version comparison tools, including AutoCompare

    With Ziflow's AutoCompare tool, you can automatically highlight down-to-the-pixel version differences in color, images and text versions so nothing slips through the cracks.




    Start review of creative assets in seconds



    Easily share an asset and kick-off the review process in seconds. Reviewers get email invitations and reminders to keep your creative projects moving. 

          (Creating and Managing Groups)



    Progress tracking of each asset in each project


    Keep reviews moving forward with automatic updates and reminders. Track review progress by seeing which reviewers have received, opened, commented, and made decisions on an asset. 

         (Progress Indicators For Reviewers [SOCD])


    Set-up easy workflows to get faster creative approval




    It wastes your time sending a creative asset to one person or group, then the next, then the next. Use workflow to move a creative asset through the review process from stage to stage. Customize reviewer roles, access, notifications, and more.

          (Configuring Workflow Templates)



    Review from any device, anywhere



    Set your team free to work where they want, when they want. Get feedback from your team on your creative assets from any device, including mobile and tablet. No app downloads or installs required.

           (Mobile Proofing in Proof Viewer)




    Work seamlessly across your favorite creative tools and apps



    Connect your favorite tools and apps with Ziflow Connect, our suite of one-click and low-code integrations. Automatically create new reviews from file and asset storage platforms, sync review and approval with project management tools, and work directly inside Adobe CS and other creative tools.

        (Ziflow Connections)


    Enhance productivity with Insights





    Analyze productivity trends with Ziflow Insights. Raise team efficiency with insights on revisions, turnaround time, late projects and more. Create custom reports to see the trends that matter most.       (Ziflow Insights)