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Featured eBooks, Surveys and Blog Posts

From Chaos to Compliance: Creative Marketing Survey Results

We surveyed marketing professionals to find out what was holding them back from delivering a high volume of work on tight schedules to determine the improvements required for high performance.

Building the Business Case<br> for Online Proofing
Building the Business Case for Online Proofing

In our new ebook “The Business Case for Online Proofing,” we cover three avenues that online proofing solutions offer a path forward for all process-based content creators.

Online Proofing Might Be the Quickest Win in MarTech

How can you demonstrate a quick win when it comes to your MarTech stack? Look no further than the foundation of any compelling marketing campaign - the creative work itself - and consider the effort that goes into producing that work.

3 Things Every CMO Should Know About the Creative Production Process

There's a huge opportunity in your organization to accelerate creative project delivery - your creative content production, review, and approval processes.

A Checklist to Help You Choose the Right Online Proofing Solution

To help you through the evaluation process, we’ve put together this checklist to help you compare proofing solutions and decide which one is right for you.

10 Things You Should Automate Today for a Better Marketing Workflow

We’ve chosen a few tangible areas where Ziflow can add immediate value to your marketing workflow. Whether you’re a graphic designer, or you’re a production or project manager sticking to timelines, Ziflow can help you and your team today.

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