You Can't Put a Price on Efficiency *

* Ok, we did, but it's a really good one

International Recruiter

remotely, anywhere in Poland


Ziflow’s mission is to be the company that leads the market for online proofing by delivering an unparalleled experience for our employees and customers. The Ziflow executive team have deep experience building and growing SaaS products for the marketing sector. They have successfully built software development and business operations teams in Poland, South Africa, and the United States.

Our mantra is “Fast & Focused”. As a start-up we need to move quickly to capitalize on market opportunities, uncovering new channels for growth as efficiently as possible. We maintain a focus on solving a small number of customer problems well rather than trying to do too much.

The Role

We are seeking an experienced Recruiter to manage the full recruitment lifecycle and find the best of the best in the PL and US SaaS community.

You will need the sleuthing skills of Sherlock Holmes to find the best sales and tech people. Persuading them to work at Ziflow will be made easier by the way we work and the culture we are creating. We believe in working hard and playing hard (sorry about the cliche). We also genuinely believe that work/life balance is a priority. The company founders are both family people and have huge respect for family life. Not only that, as a company where everyone works remotely we have extremely high levels of flexibility and trust. We don’t mind where you work, your home office, couch, coffee shop, the beach or the ski slopes, all we ask is that you get the job done successfully! However, just because we work remotely doesn’t mean we never see each other. We believe in regular company meetups to foster our great culture and make sure that everyone gets to know everyone else in person. How about that for a recruiting sales pitch?

Your Persona
You are someone who is passionate about recruiting, team building and company culture and doesn’t mind working in the late afternoon, evening hours when needed to accommodate contact with candidates in the USA. You don’t just want to fill the opening with any candidate, you want to hire the RIGHT candidate that brings value to the team and helps build the Ziflow culture. You understand how your role is central to the success of Ziflow. You know that the exceptional candidates don’t respond to job ads, they need to be found and approached. You also know that great candidates are approached all the time by recruiters, and you know how to make Ziflow stand out. You know how to connect emotionally with your candidates and become their trusted adviser. You know that you are an important public facing figure for Ziflow.
This role will be responsible for:
  • Recruiting for a variety of non-technical positions within the company including; Account Executive, BDR, Account Manager, Customer Success Manager other marketing and sales SaaS oriented positions in the US (that’s why we need you to be open for working in the afternoon hours too). 
  • Recruiting for a variety of technical positions within the company including; BackEnd Engineer, FrontEnd Engineers, DevOps, Product Designer and other technical and product positions. 
  • Understand the Ziflow product, business process and strategy and how each role adds value to the organization. 
  • Advise senior management on recruitment strategy, process and tools.
  • Create hiring plans, write job descriptions and list openings on job boards, social media, career sites, and other outlets.
  • Develop and use creative and inclusive sourcing strategies to attract passive candidates through multiple channels including our applicant tracking system, LinkedIn, GitHub, social networks, professional groups, job boards, and other platforms
  • Provide metrics and measurement against recruiting strategy to ensure the program is meeting business needs.
  • Manage the presentation, selection, offer, negotiation, closing, and administrative components involved in full lifecycle recruiting.
  • Maintain accurate and well ordered documentation on all candidates, searches, hiring managers’ interactions, and other recruiting activities
  • Focus on nurturing relationships with high quality talent to engage and convert passive candidates.
  • Contribute to branding Ziflow has a high quality employer and exciting place to work in the SaaS Us community.
Here is what an ideal candidate looks like to us:
  • A passion for working with people
  • You have at least 2 years of working experience in international recruitment
  • You speak English fluently
  • Previous experience with Employer Branding activities preferred 
  • Expert in all aspects of recruitment and “talent management”
  • You’ll thrive in a fast-paced, changeable environment. You’ll look for ways to improve processes to save time and increase efficiency.
  • Independant, hands-on, “roll up your sleeves” attitude. Eagerness to tackle any project that drives Ziflow forward 
  • Collaborative approach to working with Managers, not afraid to set timeframes

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