Managing Users and People


    Understand Ziflow user roles and rights

    Summary: It is vital to understand how Ziflow roles work and what permissions are granted for each one. There are three available roles inside the Ziflow application and each role has it’s own rights - however, it is worth noting that you can grant multiple roles to the same user.

    Available for: Roles management assignment is only available to the Ziflow Team Admins. Once your role has been assigned by the Team Admin you will have the permissions dictated by the role/s you have been assigned.

    Account Owner Role: The Account Owner role is unique to the user who subscribed to Ziflow.

    This role gives the user all 3 permissions listed in the table below. You cannot assign the "Team Owner" role to another user but you are able to grant users more than one role from the table below. "Account Owner" status may be transferred to another user only by contactingZiflowsupport team.

    If you grant a user the rights to be a "User, Billing Admin & Team Admin" then they will effectively have full permissions inside Ziflow to match that of the Account Owner.

    You can have any combination you wish eg. a "User" and "Billing Admin" role can be assigned to a Ziflow user.

    Use the table below to determine what user permissions you wish to grant to your registered Ziflow users.

    User Permission Table:





    Edit personal profile information

    Connect to Cloud Storage or Applications

    Purchase or change editions

    Upgrade/downgrade the number of users in the system

    Manage Ziflow users

    Send invitations

    Edit the branding panel and domain

    Configure SSO settings



    Access the billing window

    View and collect invoices

    Edit payment details

    Receives all system emails regarding billing and edition upgrades



    Create, edit and manage their own proofs

    View, comment, add reviewers all team members proofs (even if not invited in the proof)

    Delete proofs and versions (even if not invited in the proof)

    Delete and restore other reviewers comments (only for unlocked proofs, but Team Admin can unlock the proof to do it)

    Lock/Unlock versions (even if not invited in the proof)

    Create folders and private folders

    (*Business plan or above only)

    See other users private folders

    (*Business plan or above only)

    Create and manage groups own groups

    Edit other users groups



    *Create, edit and manage their own flows (*Business plan or above only)

    View and delete other team members flows


    How To - Invite users into Ziflow

    Summary: Ziflow believes your time is better spent concentrating on your marketing tasks rather than dealing with any complex administration when adding usersintoyour online proofing and automation tools. Ziflow has made this process very simple.

    Where is the feature applied? If you are Team Admin user inside Ziflow then you have the ability to "Invite" users from within the People tab as shown below.

    How does it work?

     People can be invited to Ziflow shall be divided into two groups:

    1. Users - Ziflow users benefit from all Ziflow functions. Users are able to submit decisions, create proofs, flows etc. Users might become application admins or billing admins and use all the rights those functions have. They also have their own logins/passwords, but at the same time, each created user takes one place from the total amount of users.
    2. Guests - are people, who don’t have their own Ziflow accounts. They still can take part in decision making, commenting and working on proofs to which they were invited by the users. However, this group cannot create their own proofs or flows. Guests do not have tologinto the application (theyloginthrough the invitations sent via email) but they also don’t occupy user seats available at Ziflow account.

    Inviting Users & Guests to the Ziflow

    When the Team Admin clicks on the "Add contact" button, two options will be presented:

    1. Add user
    2. Add contact

    Depending on what type of contact you want to add to Ziflow those invitation forms will be presented:


    Fill in the required fields:

    1. Email
    2. First name
    3. Last name
    4. Role (or Company name in case you are inviting simple guest)

    If you want to invite additional users simply click the "+ Add another user/guest" button.
    Please ensure you apply the correct user role to your users.

    To understand the User Roles please refer to: FAQ: How do Ziflow user roles and rights work?

    Once you have entered the required details click on the "Invite" button and the user/s will receive an email notification like the one shown below:

    From this point, the rest of the registration process is completed by the invited user/s.

    Clicking "Verify email address" will open the registration form which will require the following information: (Ziflow will automatically populate the fields based on what the User Admin setup but you can amend any details apart from the email address)

    1. Email address (This is the only field that cannot be modified by user)
    2. First name
    3. Last name
    4. Password
    5. Phone number (not required)

    At this moment user needs to fill in sign in the form available above and click "Update and Sign in" button. Right after this action user is going to be automatically logged in to the Ziflow and he/she can start to work.

    Additional Information:

    • Once your team members are signed up they can begin to use the Ziflow application including Online Proofing and Flows to automate tasks.

    Supporting material:


    How To - Invite Dropbox Business users into Ziflow

    Summary: If you have connected a Dropbox Business account to Ziflow then you are able to see all the Dropbox team members within the Ziflow application. This makes it easy to invite your existing Dropbox Business users directly into Ziflow and assign roles.

    Where is the feature applied? In the "Users tab" simply click on "Invite" button and all the Dropbox business group members will be listed.

    How does it work?

    Go to the "People" tab inside the Ziflow application and then click on Invite as shown below.

    After clicking on "Invite" you will see this screen

    1. This indicates how many Ziflow accounts you have left to allocate on your subscription.
    2. If your Dropbox Business account has a lot of members you can use the search bar to find users quickly.
    3. If you want to add all (or most) of your Dropbox Business users then simply click on "Select all Dropbox members" and they will all be ticked automatically. The button will reverse and say "Unselect all Dropbox users" once you use it.
    4. List of all your Dropbox Business team - all the Dropbox accounts that you administer will be listed here. They are not yet part of your Ziflow team, so you still have to invite them to the application. You can decide what roles they should have in Ziflow. We will also display what user permissions they have in your Dropbox Business account.
    5. Add people by email - you can still add new users that are not part of your Dropbox via email invitation.

    Once you enter the required details and click on the "Invite" button the user/s will receive an email notification like the one shown below.

    From this point, the rest of the registration process is completed by the invited user/s.

    Clicking "Verify email address" will open a new tab in the browser and the registration form will appear. The form will require the following information:

    1. Email address (This is the only field that cannot be modified by user)
    2. First name (This field is going to be copied from the invitation screen that team admin filled but user can still modify it)
    3. Last name (Same as above)
    4. Password
    5. Phone number (not required)

    Once the sign-up form is completed the user will be redirected to the Ziflow login page where they can sign in.

    Additional information:

    • Once your Dropbox team members are signed up they can begin to use the Ziflow application including Online Proofing and Flows to automate tasks.

    Supporting Material:

    • How To - Connect to Dropbox Business
    • How To - Connect to Dropbox Personal
    • How To - Connect to Google Drive


    How To - Manage Ziflow users

    Summary:Team Admins in Ziflow have the ability to manage the user & guest accounts. In this document, we aim to provide the Team Admins with information about some of the tools available to them.

    Where is the feature applied?Team Admins have access to the tools highlighted in this document as part of the Team Admin role permissions. No setup is necessary other than being granted the Team Admin role.

    How does it work?

    Click on the "People" tab as shown below and a current list of your Ziflow contacts will be displayed. The team admin is able to invite new contactsin-tothe Ziflow application by hitting the invite "Add contact" button.
    For more detail on inviting users please refer to the document: How To - Invite users in-to Ziflow

    Once you have invited a user you can check to see if the invitation is still pending (See number 2onscreenshot above)

    If the status is set to "Invited" it means the user has not yet actioned your email invitation. If you click on "Resend invite" Ziflow will send another invite. (It may also be worth contacting the user to ensure the invitation is not going to spam or being filtered).

    Once you click on "Resend invite" a green confirmation message will appear once it has been successfully sent (See number 3 in screenshot above)

    Changing user rights

     If you are a Team Admin or an Account Owner you have the ability to change user role permissions that are assigned to the members of your team. Click on the "View details" button under team member you want to modify and a tick box of the roles will be shown. Simply select the desired roles to apply them to the user. (See below)

    Deleting a user from your team or making them inactive

    If you decided to delete one of your team members just click contextual menu near the user and chose "Delete contact" button. Ziflow will confirm if you are sure to remove contact before it is permanently removed.

    Alternatively, you can simply disable a user without deleting them by clicking on the green "Active" button. This will keep the user in your database but it will disable access until you reinstate them.

    View user details

    The Team Admin can also view the user’s details simply by clicking on the "View details" button at the profile contextual menu as shown below.

    From here you can see more detailed information about the user and few options for management purposes:

    1. User role- currently assigned roles for the particular user. Also, the place where those roles can be added or removed from contact account
    2. Company- company name entered during invitation process or by the user during signup
    3. Phone number- can be edited by user or team admin
    4. Groups- lists all the groups to which user belongs to.
    5. Proofs- proofing statistics of the user
    6. Remove user from all groups- removes user from all the groups that he/she belongs to
    7. Add user to groups- opens a menu that allows adding a user to created groups. Read more about groupsin:How to use and create groups
    8. Activate/deactivate-disables user account
    9. Delete contact-permanently removes user from the Ziflow account

    Supporting Material:


    How To - View and edit your Ziflow profile

    Summary:All users in Ziflow can view and edit their own profiles making it easy to amend any personal information such as your phone number or password etc.

    Available for: Every user registered in Ziflow.

    Where is the feature applied?Profile settings are accessed from the "View Profile" button under your username as shown below.

    How does it work?

    Once you are inside the "View profile" window the user profile information is displayed. The information is listed below in reference to the screenshot above:

    1. Profile picture
    2. Username
    3. User roles (these are set by the Team Admins)
    4. E-mail address (cannot be edited)
    5. Company name
    6. Phone number
    7. Change password (if you click on this the window below will appear where you can amend your password details.

    To amend any details simply hover over the field until the pencil icon appears.

    Once you are done click on the green tick and the changes will be applied as shown below.

    Additional Information:

    • Changing your email address is not possible as it is linked to your account setup. If you need to change your email address then please contact your Team Admin who can delete your existing account and send a new invitation using your new email address.
    • The only person who can modify user roles is the Team Admin. Please contact your Team Admin and request a change of rights if required.

    Supporting material:

    • How To - Understand user roles
    • How To - Manage Ziflow users


    How To - Create and manage groups

    Summary: As the number of contacts in your Ziflow increases, proof owners might need a tool that allows to group together some of the contacts. Thanks to using groups, proofs can be created in faster and more organized manner. Instead of adding users one by, Ziflow user may create a group that contains needed reviewers with already assigned proofing roles. Later on, those assembled groups can be used in other proofing projects.

    Available for: Any Ziflow user can create and use groups.

    How does it work?

    Group menu can be found inside "People" tab on the left side of the screen below Contacts filters.

    Adding a new group

    In order to create a new Ziflow group, you need to click on the green "Add group" button at the top right corner of the "Group" screen and then enter some basic information about the group:

    1. Group name- enter group name
    2. Make this group private- by ticking this option you will make the group visible only to you and Ziflow team admins. In case you don’t use this setting group, members will have the group added to their list of "Groups I belong to".
    3. Group members- type in the name, email address of the contact you want to add to the group. It can be Ziflow user or guest. In case you want to add new guest that is not present in Ziflow yet just enter his/her email address and press "+" button. Once you are done with choosing contacts to the group member list select appropriate rights and notifications settings and finish with pressing "Add group button".

    Managing groups

    Once you start creating your own groups, you might need to manage them or edit group members at some point. By entering a contextual menu that is available on the right side of each group you will find a couple of options to manage the chosen group.

    1. Show details- displays group details in which group members and settings can be edited. Group details can be viewed by any Ziflow user (except groups that are marked as private) but only proof owner and users with admin rights can edit group members and settings.
    2. Duplicate group- clones selected group with all group members and settings. Available for any Ziflow user
    3. Delete group- option that can be applied only by group owner, or Ziflow users with admin rights

    Additional Information:

    • Groups functionality is available only on every Ziflow edition

    Supporting material: