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Streamline Your Creative Review And Approval Process With Ziflow

If your team relies on to manage creative projects, you can connect Ziflow for all of your creative review and approval activities. For example, Ziflow allows you to collect feedback directly on your creative content.

Together, and Ziflow will help you get organized, stay on track, and hit deadlines. All it takes is a few clicks.

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In less than 10 minutes you and your team can:

  • Use intuitive, collaborative, real-time commenting and markup tools
  • Easily and securely share proofs with users, guests and groups
  • Handle feedback centrally, via any browser
  • Automate unnecessary manual tasks

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Popular Ways Customers Use With Ziflow

Monday - create boards and pulses

Create Boards and Pulses on boards for new Ziflow proofs

Notify a project team when a new proof is ready for review, complete with a link to the proof.
Monday - Update timelines

Update Timelines

As new proofs make their way through stages in Ziflow, you can update the timeline columns in 

Monday - Persons columns

Update Person Columns with New Tasks

Easily assign team members proof-review tasks in when a new review stage is triggered in Ziflow.  

Monday - update numbers columns

Update Numbers Columns with Project Timeline Data

Numbers columns can be updated to countdown project due dates based on proof trigger events in Ziflow.  

Monday - update status columns

Update Status Columns

Decisions made in Ziflow can be sent to to update the Status column for a board or pulse, in real-time.    

Monday - What other use case

Have another use case?

Is there another way you’d like to use with Ziflow? Let us know, we might add it to our next release!


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See how Ziflow and can streamline your creative projects.