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Speed up your review and approval process by improving collaboration, centralizing feedback, and automating workflows.

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Share, markup and comment on your creative content (over 1,200 file types supported)

Eliminate project bottlenecks by handling feedback centrally, via any browser

Easily share and manage access to proofs

Notify team members of next steps with automated workflows

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Real-time discussion threads

Ziflow’s online proofing solution automatically incorporates comments and attachments onto the asset being reviewed in real time for everyone to see.



Give and collect precise feedback

Ziflow’s markup and annotation tools make it easy for all of your team members to provide specific, actionable feedback, keeping projects on track.

Automate the manual steps of proof creation

Ziflow’s automated workflow lets you quickly set stage progressions for your proofs, depending on your chosen triggers (decisions, time, etc.)

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Deliver creative projects 56% faster

Over 80% of projects reviewed and approved within Ziflow are completed within two versions. You’ll see the ROI in the first project you complete.

A wide range of roles to cover all situations

From proof owner, manage, decision, comment to view permissions, you decide what reviewers’ roles should be on a proof to ensure you get the feedback you need.

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Secure, scalable & always available

Ziflow is SOC2 compliant, hosted on AWS with your data fully encrypted and has 99.99% uptime. There isn’t a more enterprise-ready online proofing solution available.


Integrate with Your Team’s Favorite Apps

Connect Ziflow with your existing and future-planned apps for real-time updates on all of your creative review and approval activities. Our pre-built integrations help you build a more powerful MarTech stack

NHS Inc.

By standardizing approval procedures, centralizing creative, and addressing consistency at a product level, using Ziflow helped this global skateboard company maintain marketing compliance across its entire brand family.

Splash Worldwide

Ziflow made it easy for this creative technology company to offer its clients an efficient, on-demand platform for running campaigns, and reviewing and automating content delivery. Enabling Splash Worldwide to stand apart in their industry.


This industry-leading digital marketing cloud platform used Ziflow to drastically reduce its internal transfer times of comments and files between it and its clients, increasing their capacity, and minimizing task time for faster project delivery.


This national creative firm used Ziflow to streamline complex design review for facilities build-outs for their sports clients and improved their relationships by demonstrating a robust checks and balances system.

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