A complete audit trail for
your review and approval process

All comments, versions, and decisions are saved for future review


Comments are saved and audit ready

Each step of the collaborative review process is saved. You’ll always have access to the who, what, and when, for historical, compliance or auditing purposes.

Versions are saved as well

For the original and each new version added to a proofing project, all comments, replies, and attachments are maintained for review or auditing. This is an absolute requirement of any online proofing system that will be used to demonstrate marketing compliance. 

Ziflow helps you meet external compliance requirements

All comments and decision points for each proof are stored automatically, providing for a full audit trail to meet any external regulatory compliance requirements.  

Prevent errors and replicate success

Hard Copy or Soft Copy
Your Choice

Whether you prefer soft or hard copies of your proofing project histories, you have them.

audit ready comments and attachments
Attachments to comments are
preserved as well

Attachments to comments are preserved as well, so you can keep wireframes, designs, and even creative briefs together in a single proof project.

Easily audit
across versions

You can easily compare versions to identify where errors were introduced or processes broke down.

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