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Online Proofing for Busy Marketing and Creative Teams

Online proofing with Ziflow speeds up the review and approval process by improving collaboration, centralizing feedback and eliminating manual steps through automated workflows.


Start your free online proofing trial today and in less than 10 minutes you and your team can:

  • Share, markup and comment on your creative content (over 1,200 file types supported)
  • Eliminate project bottlenecks by handling feedback centrally, via any browser
  • Easily share and manage access to proofs
  • Notify team members of next steps in the app

There is no credit card required, so get started today risk-free.  


Deliver creative projects 56% faster

Over 80% of projects reviewed and approved within Ziflow are completed within two versions. You'll see the ROI in the first project you complete.  

Give and collect precise feedback

Ziflow's markup and annotation tools make it easy for all of your team members to provide specific, actionable feedback, keeping projects on track. 

Secure, scalable and always available

Ziflow is SOC2 compliant, hosted on AWS with your data fully encrypted and has 99.99% uptime. There isn't a more enterprise-ready online proofing solution available.
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