Creative Production Benchmarks: 
How Does Your Team's Workflow Stack Up?


Whether you work at an agency or create in-house content, 2020 has proven that content production and brand communication plans need to be as adaptable and responsive as possible.

It’s never been more critical to ensure you’re able to loop in the proper reviewers, ensure oversight into internal and external messaging, and accelerate top-priority projects.

But just how “quick” is an efficient content production process? 

In this webinar, we’ll use our own data and industry benchmarks to show you what goes into a fast and responsive process, including:

  • The average number of versions produced for different asset types (ads, emails, web content, PDFs, etc.) 
  • The average time it takes to initiate project kick-off and to complete a first round of feedback on a marketing asset.
  • The average number of reviewers per proof 
  • Top tactics to prevent delays and missed deadlines


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Mike Puterbaugh

CMO, Ziflow

Will Lui
VP of Operations, Ziflow