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Product Release: July 2019 Copied to clipboard!

Our latest product release is now live. Highlights for this release include a new Business Insight tool that tracks core proofing productivity metrics over time and a robust authentication log for comprehensive compliance and security needs. We’ve also added some customization options for email and reminder notifications, enhanced global search, and bulk download capabilities. Read on to learn more!

Join us on August 14th for our Product Release Webinar.  We'll be covering all of the new capabilities and features in today's release, including a few live demonstrations.  This event is open to the public, but space is limited, so register today!  

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Ziflow Insights: See and Predict Productivity Trends

Being able to monitor a team’s productivity over time is crucial for predicting possible bottlenecks, forecasting trends, and effectively managing workload and review processes--especially when projects involve multiple collaborators and many layers of review and approval. 

With this release, we’ve introduced Ziflow Insights, which brings these insights to your fingertips by tracking core metrics around creative production. Insights include:

Version Creation
  • The overall number of versions created and proofs completed over time.
Proof Completion
  • Average number of versions created for completed proofs.
  • Average turnaround time for completed proofs.
  • The total number of late proofs.

These trends can be filtered, customized, and compared by time periods, enabling you to quickly see the productivity insights that matter the most to your team. 


Global Search: Find Data Matches in Previous Versions

We have also expanded our global search functionality to look for matching words in all previous versions of proofs. Instead of needing to remember elements or phrases used in the latest proof version, users can now search data contained in a proof’s standard and custom fields, version names, and file names across all versions and see the results in the search page. 

global search

Authentication Activity Log: Increased Security and Compliance

Maintaining oversight into who accessed (or attempted to access) your marketing content is a critical component of demonstrating strong internal compliance standards. 

We’ve introduced a robust authentication activity log that tracks all browser-based authentication, including logins and password modifications. Each action shows the person’s name, email, IP address, operating system, browser, method and date and time. 

This level of detail and oversight not only keeps data safe but provides continuous proof of due diligence and control over brand and data compliance. 

authentication log

Email Notifications: Send Yourself a Confirmation When Making a Decision

Sometimes, you just need to have a reminder of your own work. That’s why we’ve included a new way for reviewers to confirm and double-check their decisions in Ziflow.

Now, each reviewer making a decision can opt to send themselves a confirmation email of that decision. This is especially useful for users or external collaborators who might not have full access to Ziflow but still need to participate in review and reference past actions. 


Reminder Emails: Add a Custom Message

Reminding people to complete a review or provide input is not always an easy task (nor a fun one). Even with automated reminders, you’ll sometimes still get radio silence from reviewers. 

That’s why we’ve now made it possible to send a customized email reminder message to individual or multiple reviewers. Inspire quick action and move projects along by making reminder emails more personalized (or urgent!) when a review is needed or a deadline is approaching.

custom message

Bulk Downloads: Simplify File Exports

We’ve simplified the process of exporting a large number of files at once. Multiple proofs can now be selected, compressed, and downloaded into one zip file accessible within Ziflow or via an email notification. Go forth and export! 

bulk export

Other Highlights:

  • Password enforcement: For enhanced security, new users created by Ziflow API integrators can now be required to change their password upfront their first login.  
  • Comment Deletion: We’ve included the option to give only privileged administrators the ability to delete comments on proofs.
  • Full Version PDF Export: All versions of a proof can be exported to PDF, allowing for complete download of a proof’s entire progress through all of its versions. 
  • Expanded Comment Text Field: We’ve made it possible to increase the size of the comment text field to add more text. If you’ve got a lot to say, we want you to be able to say it (and see it.)
  • Decision Options for Reviewers: A "Pending Decision" option is now available in the "Reviewer" filter.
  • Custom API Properties: It’s now possible to add/edit/delete custom API property options.
  • Business Edition Updates: A new setting to change who system emails come from and the addition of a “Messages” section with proof email notifications.

These new capabilities are live in the product now.  Current customers and those on 14-day trials can start taking advantage of them right away.  

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