Connecting to Dropbox Personal

    Summary: Connecting to your personal Dropbox account gives you the ability to automate workflows using files located on your personal cloud storage. Once you are connected to your cloud storage you can use our Zibots to create automation flows.

    Where is the feature applied? To connect to Dropbox you need to click on the “Zibots” tab, open "Cloud storage" menu and then click on “Connect Cloud Storage” before selecting “Dropbox Personal” from the list.

    How does it work?

    When you click on Connect Cloud Storage Ziflow will then walk you through the connection process to add a Dropbox Personal account.

    Step 1: Enter your Dropbox credentials to enable Ziflow to link your account.

    Step 2: Confirm you allow Ziflow to access your Dropbox account.


    Step 3: You will be asked …

    1. if you want to create a new folder just for Ziflow - this folder will be the point from which  Ziflow will access your files. Please note that Ziflow will be able to access any subfolders that are created inside your new folder but it will not be able to access any files or folders outside of the folder you create.
    2. If you want to point Ziflow to an existing folder inside your Dropbox structure simply click on “Sync a particular folder” but again please note Ziflow will then have access to all files and folders and any subfolders within the folder you choose.

    Step 4: Either …

    1. Type in a new folder name for Ziflow to access
    2. Navigate to an existing folder.

    You're done … you should now see your Dropbox account listed inside your “Connections” area.

    If you desire you are also able to rename the Dropbox account something else inside Ziflow.

    Additional information:

    • Now you have added cloud storage to your Ziflow account you can start using the workflow automation tools. Use the Zibots to build Flows to automate tasks.
    • You can also add Dropbox or Google Drive accounts from the “Flows” area shown below.

    Supporting Material: