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Keeps teams connected, anywhere in the world

Ziflow keeps your creative teams and stakeholders - both internal and external - on the same page by centralizing all your creative review and approval content and processes.


Centralized creative review to keep team members in the loop

Reviewers can instantly see and reply to each other’s comments, avoiding duplication, miscommunication, and resolving questions quickly. This results in less rework and fewer versions before final approval.

By acting as a single source of truth, Ziflow helps you and your marketing teams deliver projects faster, every day.


Automate the entire review and approval process

Automate the steps in the review and approval process with sequential and parallel stages and flexible triggers to match the way you work.

This coordination ensures the right team members are always involved at the right time, reviewing the right creative content, and internal processes are adhered to.

Why Ziflow?


Streamlined Workflow

Automated workflow coordinates the review work to be done

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Secure Collaboration

The industry's first online proofing solution with SOC2 accreditation

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Relentless Innovation

The most rapid rate of innovation of any online proofing vendor

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Limitless Integration

Broadest integration capabilities

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Ziflow by the Numbers


Over three million proofs processed over the last year


The average number of versions required per project in Ziflow (over 50% less than industry average)


Number of media types reviewed and approved within Ziflow


Integrate Ziflow with your MarTech stack

Ziflow makes it easy to combine online proofing with your existing (and planned) MarTech stack, including custom applications via one-click and low-code integrations.

Whether it's project management, collaboration apps, digital asset management, or job tracking applications you use, you can enhance the proofing process by including Ziflow actions and information.

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