Modern content feedback management

Eliminate the headache of endless email chains, scattered feedback, and version confusion with modern feedback management software.


See everyone's feedback in one place

Get your team on the same page and save time by centralizing feedback on all your projects. Ziflow supports over 1,200 media types so your team can review everything in just one place.

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Give clear, actionable feedback

Leave clear, actionable feedback with robust markup tools for drawing, text annotation, measurement and more.

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Collaborate in real-time

Bring everyone into the same review environment and collaborate in rich discussion threads with @mentions, file sharing, likes, and more. Mark threads as 'resolved' to track what feedback has been addressed.

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Simplify version management

Avoid version confusion and save time by keeping every version together. Create new proof versions in seconds and lock old versions to ensure everyone's working on the latest one.

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Automatically compare versions

With Ziflow's AutoCompare tool, you can automatically highlight down-to-the-pixel version differences in color, images and text versions so nothing slips through the cracks.

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See content from every angle

See what you need to with visualization tools for navigating, rotating, and zooming in on every area of your content.

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Shorten feedback loops

Clear, actionable feedback means shorter feedback loops. That’s how teams in Ziflow eliminate rework and cut total project times in half.

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Stay audit ready

All versions, comments, and replies are saved so you always have access to the who, what, and when for audit and compliance purposes.

Accomplish more together

Simplify content review and approval with modern feedback management