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We understand you have an endless list of features to deliver. That’s why we’ve designed Ziflow for easy embedding within your product and get an immediate ROI.




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Extend Your Product With Our Enterprise-Ready Proofing Platform

Enterprise-Ready & Secure

When integrating with Ziflow you don’t have to compromise on security or performance.

Ziflow is SOC 2 compliant providing you with complete assurance that our infrastructure and processes are enterprise-ready.


Keep Your Users in Your Product

Now you can provide review and approval for over 1200 file types by easily embedding our proof viewer within your product.

Our public API allows you to quickly create a proof using a single API call. Then embed our proof viewer using a reviewer’s unique URL that we’ll generate for you, allowing users to review files within your product.


Completely customize the user experience

Apply your branding in a few easy steps and configure the look-and-feel of the viewer based on your requirements.

You can go one step further and fully Whitelabel the domain e.g. proofing.myproduct.com.



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Save Time & Money

Eliminate the cost and effort of building and maintaining your own review and approval product.

Increase Retention

With over 1,200 file types supported, you can provide your customers with the world’s most power review and approval platform.

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Our partners team is on standby to support you throughout this process.

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Transform how your team reviews creative content with Ziflow.

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