About Us

We are proud to be building a web-based product to help agencies and marketing teams streamline the production of creative assets. We want our product to amaze you, our customers, and deliver genuine value from day one. We want our company to be an amazing place to work and an amazing organization to do business with.

Leadership Team

  • Mat Atkinson

    Mat Atkinson, Founder & CEO

    Prior to co-founding Ziflow, Mat was the founder and CEO of ProofHQ, the industry’s leading online proofing solution. Under Mat’s leadership, ProofHQ defined the SaaS market for online review and approval and guided the company to its successful acquisition by Workfront. Prior to ProofHQ, Mat was the CEO of Mtivity which was a pioneer in the marketing workflow space, providing marketing automation for agencies and brands worldwide.
  • Anthony Welgemoed

    Anthony Welgemoed, Founder & CTO

    Prior to co-founding Ziflow, Anthony was co-founder and CTO of ProofHQ, the industry’s leading online proofing solution. At ProofHQ, Anthony built a world-class development team responsible for the market’s most scalable, resilient and secure online review and approval solution. At the time of ProofHQ’s acquisition by Workfront, they were used by thousands of companies across the world every day, producing tens of millions of proofs per year. Prior to ProofHQ, Anthony was Director of Product Management at Mtivity, where he helped develop a sophisticated marketing process automation platform for agencies and brands.
  • Mike Puterbaugh

    Mike Puterbaugh, Chief Marketing Officer

    In his role as CMO, Mike is responsible for Ziflow’s go to market strategy. Mike brings with him over 20 years of deep brand and product marketing experience as a CMO/VP of Marketing. Prior to Ziflow, Mike was the VP of Marketing for ProofHQ where he built a global marketing team responsible for increasing brand awareness for the company’s market-leading online proofing software while generating over 90% of the company’s new sales opportunities. Mike has held senior marketing positions at Intel, Mercury Interactive, BeyondTrust, and eEye Digital Security. 
About Us

Where we work

We have team members in the US, UK, Poland and South Africa.

Everyone at Ziflow works remotely, although we plan to create a sales office at some point. Team members can work from their home offices, shared office space, a coffee shop or the beach. In fact, they can work anywhere as long as they get the job done! 

About Us
How we work

How we work: company
culture is at our heart

Our mantra is "Fast & Focused". As a start-up we need to move quickly to launch our product, get feedback from early customers and ensure that we have product/market fit. We also need to be incredibly focused on solving a small number of customer problems rather than trying to do too much.

We believe strongly in work/life balance and encourage everyone to stay fresh and creative. We offer unlimited vacation and rely on each team member, and each team, to use their good judgement and common sense about who takes time off and when.

Of course, the responsibilities of each team member will vary by role. However, we have a common responsibility to delight our customers and build a product that delivers genuine value!

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How we work

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