Leaders in collaborative proofing

Our mission is to empower creative teams to deliver exceptional work by streamlining feedback on any creative asset from concept to completion.

How we work

Company culture is at our heart

Our mantra is "Fast & Focused". We move quickly to release new product capabilities, get feedback from customers and ensure that we have continued product/market fit. We're also incredibly focused on solving a small number of customer problems rather than trying to do too much.

We believe strongly in work/life balance and encourage everyone to stay fresh and creative. We offer unlimited vacation and rely on each team member, and each team, to use their good judgment and common sense about who takes time off and when.

Of course, the responsibilities of each team member will vary by role. However, we have a common responsibility to delight our customers and build a product that delivers genuine value!

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Our core values

We're here to help


The customer is the hero

Our job is to be the customer’s guide. Too often companies insert themselves into the center of their customer’s story. At Ziflow we never want to forget that the customer is the hero and we are here to solve their creative feedback challenges.

Excellence in everything we do

We are fully committed to producing excellent work. Although not always perfect, we should have immense pride in everything we deliver. 

Progress over perfection

We want to move purposefully in our mission to empower creative teams to deliver exceptional work. Therefore we ship features to you, our customers, as soon as they’re ready, get your feedback and implement these quickly.

Keep things simple

It’s extremely easy to over engineer when building a company. We want to avoid this and stay focused on the big picture. We simply prefer to “keep things simple.”

Focus on the right things

There is a never ending list of things to do. It’s extremely important not to lose sight of what’s important and what will have the largest impact on the business. 

Be curious, be humble and fair

We are a curious bunch and we want to encourage curiosity amongst our employees. Ask questions but do it in a humble and fair way. If there isn’t a good answer, go find it.

Raise the bar everyday

We all have good days and bad days. However, most days are average. On those days, raise the bar and push yourself and your teammates to go the extra step.

Leadership team

A team of passionate, experienced executives

Anthony Welgemoed Co-founder and Chief Executive Oficer of Ziflow
Anthony Welgemoed
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Anthony Welgemoed

Prior to co-founding Ziflow, Anthony was co-founder and CTO of ProofHQ, the early pioneer in online proofing. Prior to ProofHQ, Anthony was Director of Product Management at Mtivity, where he developed a marketing process automation platform for agencies and brands.

Derek Langon Chief Operating Officer at Ziflow
Derek Langone
Chief Operating Officer
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Derek Langone

Derek is responsible for Ziflow's operational execution. With over 20 years in leadership positions, Derek brings deep expertise in the areas of go to market, product positioning and building scalable processes and teams.

Mat Atkinson Co-founder and Chief Strategy Office at Ziflow
Mat Atkinson
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer
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Mat Atkinson

Prior to co-founding Ziflow, Mat was the founder and CEO of ProofHQ, the early pioneer in online proofing. Under Mat’s leadership, ProofHQ defined the SaaS market for online proofing and guided the company to its successful acquisition by Workfront.

Todd Hogan Chief Revenue Officer at Ziflow
Todd Hogan
Chief Revenue Officer
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Todd Hogan

Todd is responsible for Ziflow’s revenue operations. He brings 20 years of sales leadership experience building high performing teams. Todd recently led North American sales at Black Duck Software and Global Sales Operations and Enablement for Synopsys Software Integrity Group.

Ryan Dunagan Vice President of Marketing at Ziflow
Ryan Dunagan
Vice President, Marketing
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Ryan Dunagan

Ryan is responsible for Ziflow's marketing strategy, focusing on accelerating top line revenue and pipeline performance. Prior to Ziflow Ryan led marketing at Spotio and Vividcortex where he was responsible for demand generation, product marketing, and brand awareness.

Tomasz Skaraczyński Vice President of Engineering at Ziflow
Tomasz Skaraczynski
Chief Technology Officer
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Tomasz Skaraczynski

Tom is responsible for all aspects of engineering at Ziflow. Tom was one of the first team members at ProofHQ and helped Anthony and Mat develop that business until its acquisition by Workfront (now part of Adobe) in 2015.

Get to know us

Life at Ziflow

Ziflow is growing fast, and we are always looking for passionate, dynamic, and talented individuals to join our distributed team all around the world.

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.

life at ziflow employees integration meetup


Our awards and achievements

For years, Ziflow has been recognized by top organizations and media outlets for its software and its performance

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