What is online proofing?

Online proofing software, often synonymous with “review and approval software” allows marketers to more easily share assets and collect feedback on those assets. It is positioned as an improvement over traditional ad-hoc methods such as email, printouts, or hallway conversations.

The primary advantage that online proofing has over those traditional methods is centralized feedback which makes the collaboration on projects much more effective and precise.

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Who uses online proofing?

Marketing teams - within both agencies and brands - use online proofing applications to streamline the review and approval process for creative content. In many cases, agencies and their brand clients use the system collaboratively, sharing and collecting feedback in real-time. Attempting to do this over email could quickly lead to miscommunication and missed feedback, which contributes directly to missed deadlines.

From small, specialized teams to the largest global organizations, marketing companies of all sizes benefit from online proofing. The higher volume of content being produced, the increased number of people involved in the review/approval process and the more compliance in place, the greater the benefits of online marketing. 


How does online proofing work?

Why online proofing is superior to email as a feedback tool

Online proofing applications are more advantageous than email, as they allow for feedback to be provided directly on the content being reviewed. This contributes to:

  • Greater clarity and visibility into the review and approval process
  • Improved status tracking
  • Better collection of feedback and collaboration
  • Stronger version control and version comparisons


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why online proofing is superior to email

What are the key benefits

key benefits streamline

Streamlined review processes

key benefits faster project delivery

Faster project delivery

key benefits comment

Commenting and markup capabilities

key benefits version comparison

Version comparison and control

key benefits comprehensive file support

Comprehensive File Support

key benefits integration

Integration Capabilities

key benefits safety

Security and Continuity

key benefits job satisfaction

Greater job satisfaction


When considering the core benefits of implementing an online proofing solution, it’s important to also factor in the impact of the status quo. The impact of leaving inefficient processes unchecked can have significant opportunity costs associated with them, which could potentially stunt long term growth.

Online proofing has been called “the quickest win in marketing technology”, mainly due to the ease of implementation and internal adoption of focused, best-of-breed offerings. As discussed herein, there are long-term, tangible benefits to driving greater efficiency in marketing organizations. For more information on Ziflow’s approach to online proofing, you can visit our product page or contact a product specialist to get further information.

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