Video review and collaboration

High-performance review and approval collaboration for your video projects

Improve video review and approval at every step

Streamline video reviews and strengthen collaboration at every step of the process. Centralize all comments, markups and other feedback directly on your video assets. Clarify feedback, easily manage workflows (no more long email chains), and simplify version control to deliver more projects faster.
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Give frame-focused feedback on hundreds of video formats

Easily indicate exactly which moment or scene needs attention by leaving comments on the precise time code or range of frames you have feedback on. Ziflow supports hundreds of video and other file formats so your team can manage feedback on every project. And since Ziflow integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, you can manage project feedback without ever needing to leave those applications.


Review the full context, including subtitles

Unlike other solutions, Ziflow lets you review the entire context of your videos, including subtitles. Upload and automatically sync subtitle files to your videos so you can review everything in one place. See a complete history of comments, replies and more on both videos and subtitles for every version of your project so you always know how the conversation has evolved.


Easily compare and control versions

See different versions side-by-side to easily compare changes to your project over time. With Ziflow Auto-Compare, you can even automatically highlight version differences, all the way down to the pixel. To keep versioning simple, Ziflow also lets you create new versions in just a few clicks and control version numbering to prevent sprawl.

Proof videos for every device on any device (1) (1)

Proof videos for every device, on any device

Make sure crucial content remains in-frame on every device by using Ziflow Safe Zones to see likely cut-off points at industry-standard aspect ratios. Since Ziflow itself is built for mobile responsiveness, you can review your projects from your web browser on any device—no app download required.

Proof videos for every device on any device (1) (1)
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Strengthen video collaboration to deliver more projects faster

Ziflow offers deep capabilities for effective collaboration and efficient workflow management so your team can focus on creating more magic in less time.

Clarify feedback to move work forward
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Real-time collaboration

In Ziflow, collaboration goes beyond leaving comments. Give clear visual feedback with a variety of markup tools, create threaded replies, add ‘likes’ and attachments, and more. You can even see who else is active in a proof you're viewing and collaborate in real-time.

Custom notifications

Set up reviewer notifications to drive accountability and action. Automatically email reminders to reviewers when decisions are due, and choose how often they're notified about late proofs and other activity. Reviewers can even reply to proof comments directly from their notification emails.

SOC II Compliance. Standard.

Ziflow is the industry’s first online video proofing solution with SOC2 accreditation. All of our internal controls have been audited and validated to ensure the security and availability of our services and your content.

Streamline workflows for faster turnaround

Upload large files quickly

With Ziflow, your team can upload files up to 5TB with processing speeds that are second to none. That way you spend less time waiting for uploads and more time doing the work that matters. Kick off new video review and approval projects in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Automate workflows

Eliminate manual steps in the review process with automated workflows. Create review stages, select reviewer roles, and set stage progression triggers including decision status and deadlines to keep work moving towards the finish line.

Speed up turnarounds

Complete more video projects in less time with Ziflow’s automated workflows and other capabilities. Ziflow customers experience a 35% reduction in video project time-to-completion, saving an average of 26 days in turnaround time on their video projects.

Create More Magic

Don’t let the review process slow your video projects down. Create a Ziflow account today!

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