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Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO): What It Is & Why It Is So Powerful for Creative Teams

Dynamic creative optimization, or DCO, helps brands meet rising consumer expectations by delivering personalized ad experiences--at scale.


New Product Updates: October 2020

New Ziflow features and system updates are now available! Over the past month, we’ve rolled out new capabilities such new ZIbot Paths, the new way to calculate proof deadlines, and more! 


Ziflow Live @ The MarTech Virtual Conference: The Integrations & Collaboration Tools Needed for Today’s New Normal

This week, we’re excited to be back for the fourth time as a sponsor at the MarTech Conference on October 6-8.


How to Simplify Your Collaborative Design Process

Delivering a perfect design to your team or a client takes collaboration.

For agencies and brand teams, that means creative directors, designers, writers, and other team members need to work together to make sure the end product they deliver is both functional and up to client expectations.


5-Step Video Production Workflow Guide for 2020


Do you want to build an efficient video production, editing, and post-production workflow? Read on.


New Product Updates: September 2020

New Ziflow features and system updates are now available! Over the past month, we’ve rolled out new capabilities such as the ability to add multiple workflow templates to a proof and increased accuracy in the measurement tool. Check out all the new releases we’ve added to the Ziflow platform below.


Creative Workflows: A 10-Step Guide for Agencies and Brands

Creative and digital agencies need a standardized way of working to avoid chaos and confusion during content production.


Brand Management: An 8-Step Strategy for 2020

A brand is more than a logo, a product, or a killer elevator pitch. It’s a combination of language, imagery, experience, and perception, that together, build recognition, trust, and loyalty among consumers.


New Product Updates: August 2020

New Ziflow features and system updates are now available! Over the past month, we’ve rolled out new capabilities such as a new filter for finding and restoring deleted proofs, the ability to change reviewers’ notifications settings from the proof details page, and more. Check out all the new releases we’ve added to the Ziflow platform below.


Product Release: July 2020

Our latest product release is now live. With this release, we’ve added new options for late proof reminders, custom timeout settings, and more. Keep reading to learn about these new features!


Product Release: June 2020

Our latest product release is now live. With this release, we’ve rolled out new mobile UI enhancements, new smart list filtering by stages, and more. Read on to learn more!


How to Write a Rock Solid Creative Brief (With Examples)

It's rare for a project to get from one end of your pipeline to the other without the input of a lot of people.

If you are getting a project done in-house or working with an outside client, you'll need to have everyone on the same page and working towards the same vision to make sure it's a success. After all, if you’re engaging a marketing agency on a campaign, or you happen to be the agency producing the work, you need to make sure everybody is getting the most out of the partnership.

One way to keep everyone on the same page is to outline what the project is all about on the same page. That's where a creative brief comes into play.

A creative brief is a living document where your team—and your clients—will have a clear understanding of project goals, challenges, target audience, and delivery. The brief gives everyone involved a strong foundation to make sure any campaign your team is working on is successful—from start to finish.

In this article, we're going to break down:

  • What is a Creative Brief, And Why is It Important?
  • Who is in Charge of Creating the Creative Brief?
  • How to Write a Rockstar Creative Brief (7 Key Elements to Include)
  • 5 Best Practices When Writing Creative Briefs
  • 4 Best Creative Brief Examples You Can Learn From

Introducing the Ziflow Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

We’re proud to announce the Ziflow plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

With this release, video editors can significantly expedite their video production workflows by creating, working with, and sharing Ziflow video proofs directly in their Adobe video editing environments.

Ziflow - Adobe Premiere



Product Release: May 2020

Our latest product release is now live. Highlights for this release include new folder sharing and Smart Filter options. Read on to learn more!


Brand Design: What It Is + Steps for Success in 2020

Behind every successful company is a stand-out brand design.

A brand design not only makes a company recognizable, but it can also become its silent ambassador and tell a story. Branding can play a part in a consumer's buying decisions, too.

In Nielsen’s Global New Product Innovation Survey, 59% of people said they would prefer to buy new products from a brand they recognize, and 21% of respondents said if a brand they like produces a product, they're more "ready" to buy it.

So, what's behind the makings of a great brand design?


PDF Proofing: 3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid in 2020

Online proofing has come a long way in the 12 years since Mat and I launched ProofHQ back in 2008 and now Ziflow in 2017. 

Initially, ProofHQ only supported a handful of static file types. Ziflow now supports the review and approval of over 1,200 media and files types, including static designs/documents (PDF, images, Word, etc.), audio, video, websites, and rich media packages like banners and animated GIFs.

Despite the diversification of campaign media types, one file type still reigns supreme in marketing review and approval to this day: PDFs.


It’s Time to Ditch Email as a Marketing Feedback Tool

Memos, promotional offers and password reset emails - these are all things that email is very good for.  As a mechanism for providing feedback, however, it lacks some very important requirements for fast, accurate and quality work; specifically, context and clarity.  


3 Brands on How They Work Remotely with Clients and Suppliers

Working from home has upended everyone’s marketing processes; in fact, the entire marketing production chain is under new demands. 

Communication plans are evolving as clients and customers want up-to-date information on COVID policies and procedures.

Product marketing and advertising campaigns must adjust in response to changing consumer demands and impacted ad revenue.

To keep up, clients may need new or updated assets created and approved for different channels faster than ever before from your creative team.


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