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Product Release: Automation enhancements to deliver exceptional creative, faster

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Katie Spurkeland

The explosion of demand for creative content makes it critical for deadline-conscious creative teams to automate as many tedious tasks as they can. Ziflow's creative collaboration platform supports that automation in depth. In fact, our 2020 annual survey showed that creative teams who have implemented a creative collaboration platform deliver creative projects 56% faster. Ziflow is committed to delivering ongoing automation updates to customers, and we’re excited to announce our latest product release which saves time and eliminates manual steps across the creative collaboration process. 

New to Zibots: Add reviewers to a proof

Our latest Zibot automatically updates workflow stages and next steps based on actions such as including a new reviewer in the workflow, intake form updates or labeling a comment. The Zibot lets teams save time by setting up custom actions triggered by specific events.

Add reviewers to a proof after comment is labelled in online collaboration platform


Feature Enhancement: Live website comments view

Ziflow allows users to collaborate with teams across any kind of asset–including live websites. With Ziflow’s live website feedback enhancement, reviewers and approvers can quickly return to the live website view after providing feedback in a snapshot and closing the comments

Live website comments

Feature Enhancement: InDesign extension page sync

InDesign users can now easily match their proof against designs with page synchronization, an enhancement that simultaneously adjusts and matches what is being viewed in Ziflow and InDesign. By synching the view within Ziflow and InDesign, designers are automatically taken to the source of Ziflow comments in InDesign to immediately apply feedback without the need to search out comments.

InDesign extension page synchronization feature of Ziflow

New to Ziflow's API: Proof restore notifications

With Ziflow’s latest API update, deleted proofs that are restored will trigger a webhook notification. Partners and integrators can use this webhook event to ensure that their project management tools, storage solutions and design software is up to date.

API Update of Ziflow: Proof restore notifications

If you're interested in learning more about how Ziflow automates the creative collaboration process, get in touch at

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