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The Ziflow API: Extending your marketing stack with online proofing

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Anthony Welgemoed

As we’ve written about before, our aim here at Ziflow is to focus on solving a specific customer problem - the chaotic business process of content review and approval - and doing that better than anyone else. However, that won’t stop us from helping our customers execute more complex processes, of which online proofing is a key component.  

That’s the driver of our most recent product release, which makes our API available for customer use.

Available today in all editions of both trial and subscription Ziflow accounts, the Ziflow API is designed to make it easy to extend your existing and future-planned applications with online proofing features. This includes embedding the Ziflow proof viewer into your custom applications, such as ticketing, project and work management or distribution systems.  

You can also leverage the Ziflow API to integrate online proofing actions and notifications with commercially available applications that generate and accept API calls.

You can view our initial API documentation here. More capabilities are being added each week, so be sure to bookmark this page for updates.  

The Details

  • The Ziflow API is a RESTful interface, allowing programmatic access to the features and data in the system
  • Provides predictable URLs for accessing resources and uses built-in HTTP features
  • The API accepts JSON or form-encoded content in requests and returns JSON content in all of its responses, including errors
  • All API calls are made via SSL, and only authenticated users can make API requests
  • This API is the same one we use to power Ziflow, so the availability and performance of the API is assured

This release will allow us to further our mission of building software that helps you adhere to your best practices, even if those best practices extend beyond the core online proofing use case. As we’ve said before, the Swiss have the right approach here. They get along with everybody, and so do we. We’ll continue to build Ziflow to be easily integrated with your application needs, be it custom applications, or commercial project management, DAM, notifications/chat, cloud storage products, etc. 

If you’ve been waiting to check out Ziflow due to your existing application requirements, there’s no reason for further delay.

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