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We’re making it easier to navigate your proof list

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Anthony Welgemoed

We've added filters to your proofs list to make it even easier to find the proofs you need to work on at any given time.  

Since Ziflow is so easy to use, it’s easy to quickly arrive at a situation where you have pages and pages of proofs in your proof list.  Now, with filters, you can keep your workflow moving along, making sure deadlines are met. 

With filters you can narrow your proof list via a wide range of attributes, such as proof status, owner, when it was created, its name or even which folder it sits in.  Filters can be saved (and edited) for ongoing use as well.  


How it works:

  • In the Proofs section of Ziflow, you'll see a new element at the top of your proofs list.  The default filter is set to "All proofs". 
  • By selecting the filter icon, you'll open up the filter module
  • Select "Add filter" to begin narrowing down the proof list. You're able to add multiple dimensions to the filter as needed. 
  • Once complete you can save the filter for future use. You can also edit that filter if the need arises.  

In creating your filters, can you use the following attributes to narrow your proof list:

  • Created date
  • Folder the proof resides in
  • Proof status (Locked, In Progress or any of the decision states)
  • Reviewer associated with the proof
  • Name (or partial name ) of proof 

You can try out our new filter capabilities by checking out a free trial of Ziflow here. If you're already a Ziflow customer, filters is ready to use in your application now.  

Request Your Trial

Filters are just one of the many features made available via our early March release.  Be sure to also check out our posts on a couple additional key features which were also part of that release:


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