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How to compare proofs in Ziflow

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Katie Oberthaler

One of the most tangible ways that Ziflow helps you deliver your marketing projects faster is by providing a streamlined way to review new versions of creative content, side by side.  Ziflow’s compare mode allows you to choose which versions of a proof you’d like to compare and then presents them in a single view. This allows review teams to ensure that requested changes and other feedback has been acted upon before you apply further comments or make a decision on the proof.

How it works:

Also included in compare mode is our Pixel by Pixel compare feature. This powerful feature allows you to identify even the most subtle of changes, such as color corrections or slight text movements.  

Compare mode also gives you a centralized location to see the complete revision history on that proof, helping with any audit trail or compliance sign-off requirements.   

Benefits of Ziflow’s compare mode:

  • Speeds up the review process by quickly determining the changes between any two versions of a proof  
  • Review proofs more closely with Pixel by Pixel comparison, which includes color selection
  • Enforce compliance more confidently by ensuring required changes were made version to version, prior to sign off
  • Compare mode synchronizes your movement within a proof so that you’re always viewing a relevant comparison
  • Proof owners can limit compare mode functions for members within the review group, as needed

For even greater detail on the compare feature in Ziflow, please visit our help center article, where you’ll also find many articles that will help you get the most out of Ziflow.  

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