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Introducing free forever: Ziflow Personal edition

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Katie Oberthaler

We are very pleased to introduce a free personal edition of Ziflow. We believe that exceptional creative happens 

when creators collaborate, and getting feedback on creative is a fundamental part of the collaboration process. 

A creative collaboration platform helps creators produce amazing work by facilitating better feedback, faster. 

We want all creators to have access to a great creative collaboration platform. 

We are therefore very proud to announce that we have added a free personal edition of Ziflow designed just for individual creators.

Now individual creators can get feedback on their work absolutely free - forever!. 

What’s included in the free Personal edition?

Collaborate on all your creative assets

  • Images 
  • Video and audio 
  • PDF, PPT, and other documents
  • Adobe Creative Suite 
  • Web pages

Easy-to-use creative collaboration tools 

  • Comments and replies
  • Mark-up and annotation
  • Version control
  • Manual and auto-compare tools
  • Deadlines and deadline reminders

Unlimited free reviewers

The free Personal edition gives you unlimited reviewers, so you can get feedback from as many people as you like.

Integration with Adobe Creative Suite

You can use the Ziflow Personal edition directly inside of Adobe Creative Suite.

Ziflow personal edition feature and capabilities, review and approval, deadlines, version control, version comparision and auto-compare, unlimited reviewers...

Try Ziflow free today

Get started with a personal plan and start collaborating today–for free!

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