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Available now: Ziflow Winter 2023 product release

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Anthony Welgemoed

Ziflow is thrilled to announce our Winter 2023 product release! This latest update is packed with exciting features and enhancements designed to help your team collaborate more effectively, maintain a higher level of security, and avoid mistakes that could damage your brand. Let's dive in and explore what's new in Ziflow.


Collaborate with ZiflowAI

One of the most exciting additions to Ziflow's Proof Viewer is ZiflowAI - a powerful artificial intelligence built right into the review process. With ZiflowAI, you can now invite an intuitive, AI-powered chatbot to join your collaborative review process. This innovative feature allows you to generate new ideas, spark conversations, and convey feedback and suggestions in a whole new way.

To use ZiflowAI, simply mention AI in a comment or reply, and prompt it with your question or request. In seconds, ZiflowAI will reply with text that can help your team arrive at quick and creative solutions to problems, eliminating the need for time-consuming brainstorming discussions. Generative AI is a game-changer in the creative space, and Ziflow is proud to be the first to incorporate it into the review and approval process.

Color Separation

Ziflow's Color Separation feature takes your proofing process to the next level by allowing you to compare creative assets and Pantone and CMYK color scales in real-time. Color precision is crucial for visual work, especially for creative teams that design packaging and printed materials. Even a small mistake in the design process can be costly during a print run.

With Color Separations, reviewers can measure the precise CMYK ink density and examine Pantone spot colors, enabling them to make faster and more informed decisions. This feature eliminates the lengthy review process that can result when color precision is a top priority. Additionally, by enabling Ziflow's Electronic Signatures feature, you can increase accountability within your team by ensuring that reviewers have actually signed off on the colors when they approve an asset.

Security and access controls

At Ziflow, data security is a top priority, and this release introduces new features to provide even more options for user and data access controls. Two-factor authentication is now available, adding an additional layer of security to protect and control user access. Ziflow admins can require users to complete an additional login verification step using well-known authenticator apps.

Once users set up their app using a unique QR code, they will be asked to prove their identity each time they access the software, adding an extra layer of security to your Ziflow account. Additionally, Ziflow introduces IP allowlisting, which allows you to narrow access to Ziflow to a discrete set of locations on the internet. Login permissions can be limited to only those users whose devices are within the range of IP addresses specified by your admin, ensuring compliance with your company's security policies.

Comment Reactions

In addition to the familiar thumbs-up icon for liking a comment, Ziflow now introduces three new Comment Reactions - Insightful, Reject, and Verify. These reactions allow you to convey more specific feedback with just one click. Designers can tag feedback as Insightful, design leaders can Reject a suggestion to prevent it from influencing the next version of the asset, and reviewers can Verify that a change they requested in an earlier version was addressed in the new one. This makes the feedback process more efficient and helps teams collaborate more effectively.

Asana Integration

We’re turning our Asana integration up to eleven with features powered by Ziflow’s new add-on in Asana’s app marketplace.

Your team can now create a proof inside Ziflow directly from within the Asana task, and easily create a connection between current tasks and existing proofs.Progress and status updates are synced in real-time across platforms, so you’ll always have a single source of truth in your preferred project management software.

If you and your colleagues are Asana users and want to know more about our two-way integration, go to Asana’s app marketplace and type in “Ziflow” to install the add-on.

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