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Asana x Ziflow

A powerful integration that puts enterprise online proofing into Asana. Centralize feedback on all your creative assets. Streamline routing for fast, secure approval. Automate workflow to get time back.

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What is enterprise online proofing?

Enterprise online proofing streamlines the review and approval of creative assets from version 1 to version “approved”. It includes advanced campaign-level review tools, flexible workflow customization and automation, compliance and regulatory management tools, industry-leading account architecture, and the security and performance that you need.

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Centralized review of all assets

Ziflow streamlines comments, decision, and version for all assets, offering control, time saving, and compliance verification.


Better feedback and collaboration

Clear, contextual feedback, faster decisions, and version control, reducing rework, revisions, and wasted time.

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Streamlined routing and workflow

Automated workflows simplify routing, ensure prompt approvals, reduce compliance risks for creative teams, and save valuable time.


Built for true enterprise scalability

Robust data security and granular permissions settings help large organizations handle complex approval workflows and business needs.

How it works

Ziflow integrates with all of your favorite tools and apps

and many more...

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