Ziflow and Microsoft Teams Integration

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Keep Your Team Connected with Microsoft Teams and Ziflow

With our Microsoft Teams integration, you can use your favorite messaging app to notify reviewers when a new proof/version has been created, comment requires their action, or decision has been made. Team members everywhere can be kept up to date in real-time on the progress of a proof in the communication and collaboration tool they’re already working on. All this without the need for any emails.

Microsoft Teams notifications can be used alongside, or apart from Ziflow’s native notifications. Set up is a breeze; just a few clicks and you’ll be seeing your online proofing updates in Teams.

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Popular Flows Using Microsoft Teams

Teams - Get notifications of new proofs

Get Teams notifications for new proofs to review

Notify a colleague, team or an entire channel when a new proof is ready for review, complete with a link to the proof.
Teams - Notify about a decision

Get Teams notifications when decisions are made on a proof

Send real-time updates when decisions have been made on a proof, or within a proof stage.
Teams - Comments or Replies

Get Teams notifications when comments or replies are added to a proof

Want to stay on top of a project’s every detail? You can create notifications for all new comments, replies, and @mentions and even click on replies to be taken directly to comments.
Teams - What other use case

Have another use case?

Is there another way you’d like to use Microsoft Teams with Ziflow? Let us know, we might add it to our next release!

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