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A seamless integration to unify your creative workflow and project management process.

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Streamline your creative workflow

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Sample workflows powered by Ziflow’s integration with

Create new Board or Item in

Alert your project team when new content is ready for review by automatically creating the task.

Keep project timelines in accurate and up-to-date

When proofs make their way through stages in Ziflow, timelines in update in real time.

Automatically update project status in

A decision made in Ziflow instantly updates the Status column for a board or item in and Ziflow can accelerate your workflow in so many more ways.

See what else you can do with this powerful integration.

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Ziflow integrates with all of your favorite tools and apps

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Keep your Asana projects up to date with a proof’s workflow status, links, and comments. Our marketplace app is coming soon.

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Integrate Ziflow with ClickUp and automatically keep your tasks up to date with Ziflow activity.

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Automatically add new cards to your Trello board when new proofs & versions are created. Move cards as the proof workflow progresses.

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Google Drive

New files added to Drive can automatically be converted to a proof, shared, moved, or converted to another file type.

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Automatically create proofs when new files are added to Dropbox & transfer approved assets from Ziflow to Dropbox folders.

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Keep your teams in the know by pushing notifications for all Ziflow actions to Slack channels.

Create More Magic

Transform how your team reviews creative content with Ziflow.

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