Ziflow and Dropbox Integration


Marketing Automation for Your Dropbox Files

By integrating with Dropbox, Ziflow simplifies the repetitive tasks in creative production, by automating how you convert, sync and share folders and files across your cloud storage services. Now you can automate proof creation, file processing, transfers and sharing, ranging from very simple tasks to the most complex and challenging workflows. 

Connect Dropbox with Ziflow in just a few clicks to give your creative marketing teams the ability to focus on high-value work, while automating the tasks that take up their time.  

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Popular Flows Using Dropbox

Dropbox - create proofs

Create New Proof in Ziflow

New proofs can be created in Ziflow, complete with review and approval workflow templates by simply dropping a new piece of creative content in a Dropbox folder.  

Dropbox - convert images

Convert Images and Documents

Automatically reformat images for multi-channel requirements. AI, PSD and more to PDF, JPG, GIF, etc.

Dropbox - transcode

Transcode Audio and Video

Automatically transcode video and audio to any format, to optimize for any device, with a simple drag and drop into a Dropbox folder.  

Dropbox - sharing

Manage Sharing of Files and Folders

Automatically share new files or entire folders with team members based on file placements.  

Dropbox - Email and FTP

Send Files via Email or FTP

Files dropped into Ziflow-enabled Dropbox folders can be automatically sent via email or uploaded via FTP, based on pre-existing settings. 

Dropbox - What other use case

Have another use case?

Is there another way you’d like to use Dropbox and Ziflow? Let us know, we might add it to our next release!

Here are some other helpful integrations

Asana Integration

Enrich your Asana projects with your Ziflow online proofing project status updates and never miss a deadline again.

Trello Integration

Ziflow and Trello paired together to keep your creative project boards up to date with the most recent changes and decisions.


Send rapid-fire updates to team members far and wide based on your Ziflow activities, keeping projects on schedule.

Google Drive

Ziflow and Google Drive work together to automate the creative production tasks you'd rather give to a robot.

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