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We'll See You at MarTech East 2019

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by Mike Puterbaugh

10 September 2019

We’re excited to say that we’ll be back for a third time as a sponsor at the MarTech East Conference on Sept 16-18 in Boston!

MarTech is the one marketing conference that we’ve attended nearly every year since launching Ziflow. Each year, we’re delighted to meet even more of our online proofing power users in the wild and learn about the many different types of content that have been reviewed and approved in Ziflow.

Since the West Coast event earlier this year, we’ve been busy with product releases every single month that streamline how online proofing works in tandem with the many other content and production systems that marketing teams use every day to manage campaigns and brand material.

We’ll be highlighting a host of new features at Booth 310 at the show. If you’ll be at MarTech East, stop by for a demo of our current online proofing solution - and a free Ziflow water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout those jam-packed learning sessions at the conference.

Some of the exciting developments that we’ll be showcasing include:

  • Ziflow Insights for Creative Production Metrics

Our new business insights tool, Ziflow Insights, tracks core metrics around your team’s creative and marketing production processes. With Ziflow Insights, you can automatically track average version creation, turnaround time, the completion rate of review tasks, and more to gain a deeper understanding of how efficiently your marketing campaigns and projects are progressing.

  • Expanded Integrations & Zibots

We’ve increased the functionality and options within our integrations platform over the last year to create a more seamless connection between proofs and the daily content systems where marketing materials live.

See how our army of Zibots can automatically trigger new proofs, review tasks, and notifications based on activity in Google Drive, DropBox, Basecamp, Trello, Slack and more, so your team doesn’t need to continually toggle between systems to get work done.

  • Secure Guest Reviewing and Intake Forms

We’ve also expanded a host of features that better enable collaborators outside of your organization to work with and submit content for review--without needing an online proofing account themselves.

With secure guest reviewer seats and proof intake forms, you can seamlessly include your clients, partners, contractors, and other external reviewers as primary participants in the content collaboration process and reduce the time delays of external review.

Not attending MarTech east? Sign up below for a free virtual demo of Ziflow today, and we’ll also send a water bottle your way, too.


Request a Ziflow Demo - Get a Free Water Bottle!

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