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Unlimited guest reviewers

Easily invite clients, partners and vendors to collaborate on creative review

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Allow guests to participate without an account

For infrequent reviewers who need to participate in the review process, easily grant proof access via a web link. They can then comment, annotate, even provide decisions, depending on the role you’ve assigned them.

Guests are notified via email and provided direct access

You can invite guest users at any time in a review process. Once they receive their email invitation, they can access the proof directly and can collaborate with other team members.

No IT involvement or added software needed for Guest accounts

Ziflow's online proofing software is browser-based, so there is no additional software to install or rights to arrange for guest reviewers.

Leave no team member behind

Free and Unlimited

Add as many guest reviewers as you like, they will always be free and unlimited. You can even have multiple guests in a single proof.

Leverage available expertise

If you have a subject matter expert that would make a particular piece of creative more impactful, now you can involve them easily.

Add guests at any point

Need an outside perspective at a critical review point? No problem. A guest reviewer can be helpful in providing situational help, at no additional cost.

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