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Ziflow customers deliver their projects up to 56% faster than before they adopted online proofing, with 29% fewer revisions. In fact, 83% of creative projects reviewed and approved with Ziflow never require more than 2 versions for completion.



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Why Manufacturing Companies Love Ziflow

Collaborative Review

You’ll never have to wade through an email thread again searching to see who provided which piece of feedback. Ziflow's online proofing solution automatically incorporates comments and attachments onto the asset being reviewed in real-time for everyone to see.

SOC II Compliant, Standard

Our internal controls have been audited and validated to ensure the security and availability of our services. For regulated industries, this is an absolute requirement to ensure your content is secure and always

Reduce the Effort Required to Collect Feedback

Ziflow can easily be configured to automatically send late proof reminders to reviewers before, on and after the deadline meaning you don’t have to worry about reviewers forgetting to review proofs.




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Deliver Projects Faster

Ziflow customers experience an over-50% increase in their project delivery speed. You’ll see ROI from your first project.

One Application for All Project Types

It doesn’t matter what format your project starts or ends with - Ziflow supports over 1200 media types to ensure all of your creative can be reviewed easily.

No Additional Tools or Apps Required

Ziflow’s wide-ranging media support means you and your team will benefit from using the same UI, no matter which type of file you’re reviewing.

Create More Magic

Transform how your team reviews creative content with Ziflow.

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